Masters in Business administration is on the rise as it has a broad spectrum engulfing all the sectors of education and thereby creating job opportunities by enhancing the skills.

If you have completed your MBA or planning to pursue, the first and foremost query that would be crossing your mind will be the availability of job placement. It is important to have knowledge regarding the ranking, location, placement options, curriculum, what choice of the field would lead to which job and various other parameters.

Pondering over placement is important as it would determine your college preference for MBA.

Let us discuss some of the best MBA colleges in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, top companies that offer placement in the college, job options for different fields of MBA program and what can you expect from that job title.

Colleges that provide you with in-depth knowledge to prepare you for the placements in a job with the availability of qualified faculty, educational and skill-enhancing curriculum and a higher rate of placement options are the college you should seek. Prepare yourself for the global platform and upgrade your efficiency for better offers.

Among the best MBA colleges in Greater Noida and Delhi NCR, some are mentioned below.

➢ Mangalmay Institute of Management, Greater Noida

➢ Indian Institute Of Management, Rohtak

➢ Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi

➢ Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

➢ Amity University, Noida

Specialization and Job Titles
Specializations that are available in the MBA program and some of the placement opportunities with each course are mentioned below.

General Management
This field of management prepares you to be the executive or brand manager which has a large number of responsibilities of managing the administration, profit, and loss of the company. It is required in every organization and is the most popular course in MBA.
Finance Management
The jobs in this field expect you to manage every aspect of finance of the company by analyzing data and applying their knowledge for the growth of the company.

❏ Financial analyst
❏ Financial controller or director
❏ Manager of a finance department
❏ Chief financial officer
❏ Commercial or investment banker
❏ Real estate
Insurance finance manager
This course ensures that you are ready to create demand, manage volume and supply and be prepared for the competition with similar enterprises.

❏ Brand Manager
❏ Account Manager
❏ Research Manager
❏ Sales Manager
❏ Business Development Manager
❏ Marketing Analytics
❏ Monetization Manager
❏ SEO Manager

International Management
As the name suggests, international management provides you with the knowledge to internationalize your product and have a thorough knowledge of domestic as well as international markets.

❏ Import/Export agent
❏ Translator
❏ Foreign currency investment advisor
❏ Foreign sales representative
❏ International management consultant

Operations Management
This specialization prepares you to manage an organization by handling the production and designing management in the area of operations management.

❏ Staff Accountant
❏ Finance Analyst
❏ Programmer Analyst
❏ Project Manager
❏ Purchasing Manager.
❏ Programmer Analyst
❏ Team Leader Operations Manager
❏ Staff Accountant
❏ Operations Analyst

As the fields of enterprise, business and organization are increasing with the introduction of virtual business, specialization in MBA has also evolved and many such specialization courses have been introduced, which in turn have opened many placement opportunities for aspirants in different fields of MBA. Some of the other specializations and the job role related to that particular course is discussed below. It is up to the aspirant to choose the course with their area of interest and comfort.

Information Systems
❏ Application analyst.
❏ Cybersecurity analyst.
❏ Data analyst.
❏ Data scientist.
❏ Database administrator.
❏ Information systems manager.
❏ IT consultant.
Human Resources
❏ Administrative Services Manager
❏ Compensation and Benefits Manager
❏ Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists
Human Resources Specialists
❏ Labor Relations Specialists
❏ Top Executives
❏ Training and Development Managers
❏ Clinical director
❏ Health and social services manager
❏ Medical records manager
❏ Office manager
❏ Practice administrator

Consulting Management
❏ Finance and accounting
❏ Business systems and performance improvement
❏ Taxation
❏ Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)
❏ Finance optimization

❏ Media Strategist
❏ Marketing Analyst
❏ Media Manager
❏ Media Planning Manager
❏ TV Producer. A/V (Audio-Video) Editor
❏ Digital Media Assistant
❏ Corporate Communications Head

As we can see, every sector and every field, enterprise, and business has a placement opportunity for the aspirants pursuing MBA. Major companies run a placement drive in the colleges itself, not only offering mentorship for the freshers but also first-hand job training with respectable salaries.

Some of the top companies that look out for MBA pass outs for placement in their companies are mentioned below.

➢ Amazon
➢ Intel Technology India Pvt Ltd
➢ Microsoft
➢ MakeMyTrip
➢ Wipro
➢ Johnson and Johnson
➢ Nike
➢ Ujjivan Financial Services
➢ Tata Consultancy Services
➢ Reliance Industries Limited
➢ Cognizant
➢ American Express
➢ Infosys
➢ ICICI Bank
➢ GoogleIntel Technology
➢ Mahindra Tech

Take the first step and keep track of the MBA admissions and enroll in one of the Best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR for better future opportunities. Before you enroll for Masters in Business Administration analyze yourself and find your area of interest. As they say, the thing we enjoy doing is never work so find your passion, join the specialization that suits you most and get ready to be placed in top companies with greater prospects opened for you.

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