To become a parent is one of the best feelings that a person can have in their life. Mothers often have a more intense connection to their children because they carry them in their wombs. There is a relatively new trend of taking photos of the mother while she is pregnant. They are meant to show us that motherly glow. For this reason, mothers and families will often hire professional photographers to capture this special moment in their lives. This type of photography is known as maternity photography. Pregnancy photoshoot and baby photography Singapore is a very on trend these days.

Things to wear and places to shoot

It is suggested that the mother should wear something that is comfortable. She should also choose something that makes her feel beautiful and that she will enjoy seeing later, in the photographs. Often it is recommended that they bring a few outfit options like lingerie, a button down shirt or a pretty, flowy dress. Home is the best place for maternity photography and also for newborn photography as the surroundings are familiar. Mom and/or baby will feel the extra comfort of being in their everyday surroundings during the photo. If she so decides, Mom can also choose to have the photography session outside. Wherever Mom decides, the place should have a comfortable atmosphere and a beautiful background so that the photographer can focus on capturing a beautiful and serene visage. In Singapore there are places which are great for maternity photography and family photography like Tanjong Beach on Santosa Island and Windsor Nature Park.

Role of the father

A wife needs her husband during pregnancy. That should be presented in the pictures that are taken. Husbands should be part of the photo. Including Dad in the photo shoot, turning it into a family photo shoot can turn the experience into an even more beautiful story of a family’s beginning or continuation. It can show that the glow of starting a new life does not only show on the mother’s face but also in the father’s. During the photo shoot, mothers tend to cuddle the stomach. Cuddling the stomach is like cuddling the baby itself. During the photo shoot the wife or the couple should pose in a way that comes naturally to them, there’s no need to force any pose for the photos, everything should be natural.

Sibling Love

If the couple already has a boy or a girl then he or she should be also included in the picture. That will increase the importance and meaning of the moment. Kid photography in Singapore is very difficult; it requires a huge amount of time. When both the children and parents are included in the photos, then then it becomes family photography. These pictures are some of the most precious items that a family can have. It will remind them of a beautiful and sweet moment in their lives that they can cherish through the picture.

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