My favorite class in graduate school was a subject called continuum mechanics. It was an incredibly challenging and mind expanding class that changed the way that I approached everything I did in my world. The most important thing I learned were the five basic Energy Transfer Laws in the universe and the five exceptions, or Jump Conditions.

The first principle or law was called Potential. For example, wind flows from areas of high pressure to low pressure. Water flows from areas of high elevation to low elevation; heat flows from areas of high temperature to low temperature; etc.

I realized there is a similar pattern governing human emotions. Specifically, our emotions also flow between two very predictable and recognizable potentials.

I became fascinated with potential, because I realized it controlled everything in our world. More specifically, it controls how everything moves in our world.

The two potentials that govern an emotional situation are 1) the assessment of reality and 2)the expectation of the outcome of that situation. The difference between these two at any point in time will govern the emotion that you feel and its intensity. For example, it is likely that you will feel a significant amount of anger if you come home from work one day expecting to find your child doing his or her homework and instead discover that your dog has destroyed all of your living room furniture. Your expectation was to find an orderly home with your child working quietly, and your assessment of reality is a ruined living room.

Business Coaching can help The wider the gap between your expectation and the assessment of your reality, the more intense the emotion will be. Try this out for yourself for Anger, Pleasure, Frustration, Surprise, and a host of other emotions.

Recognize that if you wish to neutralize any emotion regarding a topic, pay attention to your assessment of reality or the expectation that you have in a situation. Drop one or the other, and the circuit will be broken.

How can we use this knowledge to our benefit? Have you done this in your life or work?

Author's Bio: 

Hugh Stewart was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica and at the age of twelve came to the United States with his family. His education is both diverse and substantial. He has two degrees from the University of Miami; an undergraduate and a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a graduate of the Strategic Coach® program and is currently enrolled in the Strategic Coach® Masters Program.
One of Hugh’s strongest influences was at the age of twenty, when he received some invaluable advice and a copy of a book that started his life in a new direction. The book was Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. It was the first book he ever read on wealth and wealth creation and made a huge impact on the direction of his life.

Another strong influence came from a small business advisor named James Howell. James works at the Small Business Technology and Development Center in Wilmington, NC and Hugh consulted with him before starting his first business. The lessons he learned both about business and coaching were priceless.

Hugh was fascinated in how coaches are able to empower people’s thinking, foster incredible communication and create extraordinary value. He realized he had this ability to convey and consult and began his journey to inspire and empower others on how to achieve goals.


As a Coach with extensive and diverse experience in business, Hugh seeks to help business owners who are struggling or simply wish to move their business to the next level. It is for individuals who are ready to take the next step in the journey – whatever that may mean to them.