Master the Inside Game and Succeed in the Outside World

We live in a time when automation, technology and tools of convenience dominate our lives. How quickly can we get from point A to point B? How clear can our cell phone connection be? Can we surf the internet while we’re on the train going to work? How fast is our internet speed? Our lives have turned into repeating cycles of how much we can get and how fast we can get it.

I think technology is wonderful. I have always enjoyed using it. These tools are very useful. Yet, they are all part of the external world experience. We are losing touch of our internal world experience. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Not the other way around. When we forget that, and identify only with the physical, we cut ourselves off from the highest form of technology there is or ever will be….God consciousness.
Lately, as time continues to expand and accelerate, I speak to people all the time who are experiencing high levels of anxiety, worry and frustration at unparalleled levels to what I saw even 15 years ago. My counsel is often around stopping the noise from the external. When the noise of the external…i.e. technology, ambition, commitments, taxes, traffic, body image, etc… dominate our perspective we disconnect ourselves from our power source. We literally get in the way of what it is we say we want….happiness, well being, prosperity, and love.
In a recent PBS special Wayne Dyer said it beautifully when he talked about the most important relationship we have in life. It is not with ourself. It is our relationship to Source…that relationship helps us reveal ourselves to ourselves.

I see it everyday in my life and in my practice. When we master the inside game, the outside world lands at our feet. I think of it a lot like the movie the Matrix. In the first installment, at the end of the move Keanu Reeves finally “gets it”, and suddenly the Matrix is at his control. His vibration is so much more rapid than that of the Matrix that he actually has to slow down to work within it.

As you approach each day…REMEMBER who you are. Remember the true matrix you are living in. You are God. God is in your DNA. When you work from that perspective back, life takes on a very different view. One day, you will not have a body any longer. You are energy. Energy does not die. It only changes form. The energy that lives on is the essence of you. Your God consciousness. Put your attention there..on the infinite nature of universal consciousness. You will experience unlimited peace and contentment. Put gasoline on that fire. Not on the fire of the external. I promise you life will take on a completely different perspective.
Love and light,

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Phyllis King – The Common Sense Psychic™

Phyllis is the author of three books. Her latest work is A Psychic Perspective, 10 Steps to More Love, Wealth and Personal Happiness, (including a 30 Day Plan to Jump Start Your Life). She is the best known as the radio psychic. She currently hosts two radio talk shows entitled, the Common Sense Psychic. She is a professional psychic entering her 30th year of private consultations.

Phyllis uses heightened to help people over come job loss, cope with addictions and relationship challenges. Her skill is to see the big picture in a situation, and isolate the blocks that hold people back in their lives. Through the art of listening, she helps people reconnect to their own wisdom and common sense.

As a successful entrepreneur and spiritual teacher,
Phyllis will tell you that its not about “achieving”
“acquiring” or“accomplishing.” She’ll explain why its
about allowing, permission and trust. “When you have
those building blocks in place everything else including
prosperity, healthy relationships and love, just
comes” states Phyllis.

Phyllis has read thousands of people in 20 different countries. Her home is in the
San Francisco Bay area. There she regularly guest hosts the popular personal growth program, “Seeing Beyond” on 1450 AM in San Francisco. She hosts her own radio shows entitled ‘The Common Sense Psychic” in Los Angeles on 1150 AM. She hosts an internet show out of Seattle on She offers workshops and appears regularly at local events and festivals in the Bay Area.

Phyllis’ educational background is in Sociology. She has used her intuitive skills in the corporate world, the private sector, and in nonprofit work. She has held positions as Executive Director, Marketing Director, and Human Resource Manager. She currently acts as a consultant for businesses and individuals.

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