Sennheiser is a leading German audio company, with a wide and award-winning product catalog, which includes microphones, audio accessories, and mostly, headphones. In this occasion, we will review the Massdrop X Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones.


The first thing that attracts attention when acquiring this product is its presentation. We find a cardboard box with the name of the brand and nothing modern, which protects inside a more rigid and minimalist box material and inside a protective bag. The principal box has the same color than the headphones, midnight dark blue. When opening this, we find our headphones in a foam that fulfills its function of protecting the product. It is a very special moment to open a Sennheiser of the HD 6XX series, it is not packed like a toy, we know that we have a product to satisfy the needs of the audiophile’s users, well above the competition.

Headphone Design:

When opening this beautiful box, we find these great headphones and calls attention, the magnificent work of pearly painting and bright midnight dark blue color. Also, the good finished and oval design of the pads, their material is very soft. Also, the materials used in the rest of the headset are very good despite the plastic used in its frame, they stand out for its good construction, as well as the padding on the headband is thick enough to be very, very comfortable.

And speaking of construction, we do not expect less, to be handmade in Ireland, do not feel fragile, and after a long time, they have endured the continuous use very well, the only thing that could change over time, are their pads, which, therefore, they can lose their form. It will be very easy to change the pads, and even change the cable for a custom one, and/or balanced, since it has terminations for each side of the headset (dual cable). In addition, the cable feels solid, does not bend or entangled, and it has a 3.5mm Jack termination.


The comfort is simply excellent. The shape of the headband is unique, having a small gap in the middle of the filling, to relieve possible pressure on the head, one of the most comfortable headsets that many users have tried, although it is true that when they are new, they tighten a bit, but with a relative time of use, they become more comfortable and hold very well to the shape of our head.

Regarding their sensitivity, with an impedance of 300 ohms, they seem to be very hard to move, from an iPhone or computer or almost any headphone input we will have a low-medium volume, so a good amplifier is recommended to enjoy them.

Sound Quality:

They are headphones, which at first listen, do not impress, especially those who already have audio experience, you have to give them your time to get used to them. The sound varies if the profile that pleases us most, is the bright profile or we come from flat or studio headphones, yes, they will seem a bit or quite weak, and lack of detail, it is a matter of getting used, although there are very audiophiles demanding, who will never like this way of playing music.

The sound profile is immediately perceived as warm and soft, which is nothing more than the calibration of the drivers or their acoustic treatment in order to reproduce the sound spectrum by advancing medium, bass and finally treble, in that order.

The tone of these headphones is very natural, but still I would not say they are totally neutral, however they are the only headphones that allow you to listen to badly recorded music, low bitrate music, strident vinyl, current pop and why not "death metal", as well like music with low dynamic range, without the slightest hint of auditory fatigue. "Euphonic", although it is a subjective word, equally very "abrasive or brilliant" music makes it much more "enjoyable".


Affordable price.
Best comfort.
Rustic material.
Universal audio connection with 3.5mm jack.
6 feet cable.
Really good sound quality.


The pads maybe will get softer over time.
Neutral sound bass for some users.

Our Verdict

Overall Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphone is a Good quality Gaming headset
, Undoubtedly you can pick a for gaming.

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