www.ASOMAssageMusic.com was introduced in January 2010, and is the world’s first and only massage music membership club. Rather than paying $1 per track or $10 per album, members enjoy the opportunity to build their massage music collection rather differently. Their monthly fee allows them access to 120 minutes of music downloads each month. It’s a much better alternative to some of the online streaming options such as Pandora or pay-per-track like every other music outlet. Therapists want more choice. And why shouldn’t they? With so much hanging on the sound and thus the feeling of a space to determine how effective their treatments are, massage therapists should enjoy ultimate creative control over the way their treatment space sounds.

One of many critically acclaimed artists to choose from at www.ASOMAssageMusic.com is Fiona Joy Hawkins: an internationally-renowned pianist/composer from Down-Under who brings to life flavors of the classical romantic masters and marries it with modern production. She’s also a humanitarian with a big heart – she supports the charity Musicians for World Harmony, which brings the healing power of music to AIDS orphanages, former child soldiers, and those living in refugee camps in war torn regions of the world. They provide musical instruments and sponsor local musicians to visit these refugee camps and orphanages to provide both entertainment and training for the residents of these communities.

Fiona is a multi-award winning artist, including the 2008 MusicOz winner for Best Jazz or Classical Artist, Best Piano NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2006 and Best Dance Dub/Club 2008, ZMR Awards Album of the Year, Best Piano Album, Best Contemporary Instrumental Album 2009, and has been a finalist in over 32 Indie Artist Awards across 9 countries.

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Fiona first began playing and writing music as a child and cites Ravel's Bolero as a very early influence. "I played this over and over and deconstructed every part, I absolutely loved it," said Fiona. Other musical influences include: George Winston, Michael Nyman, Chopin and Mendelssohn.

Members of www.ASOMAssageMusic.com enjoy the freedom to choose – that is, download - each track at a time for ultimate flexibility, selecting from internationally acclaimed artists, burning their own cds, playing them back on any mp3 player and using them as often as they want. No more paying per track – the low monthly membership fee covers downloads of 120 minutes per month.

Massage therapists finally get to build solid music libraries at a fraction of what it used to cost.

Putting you in complete control over your own playlists, www.ASOMAssageMusic.com is apparently the only clear alternative for maximum choice in quality music, more affordable than ever, for today’s working bodywork therapist.

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ASOMAssage Music has done the leg work for massage therapists. They've partnered with some of the finest composers and producers the world over and compiled them in one convenient location where members can download tracks and build their own playlists, without the worry of $1 per track like iTunes and giving them ultimate control over what gets played when, a luxury users of streaming sites like Pandora simply don't get.