The discovery of nearly 800 children in a mass grave in Ireland (Google) prompts a deeper look at Catholic atrocities that are well-documented in recent decades, making one wonder, How could it be so extensive?

One video with over 2 million views reveals the widespread pedophilia among the priests. Pope Francis may be hiding the truth to say 2%, but even at that, it would mean that 4,000 such priests are in the US, and the church was facing a crisis over his predecessor to the point that a change had to be made. (Link at bottom)

This is a complex problem and it deserves a broad consideration. On one hand, we have maybe a billion people who believe what they have been told from birth, that the priest can forgive their sins and if they keep the faith and pay the priest, they will be saved.
On the other hand, thousands of priests fail the test that Christ gave, “By their fruits you will know them.” He also said, “Call no man father, for one is your father which is in heaven.” Matthew 23:9. This is found in Catholic Bibles as well as other translations, but one problem is that Catholics are not encouraged to read the Bible. Pope Francis even called it a dangerous book. Why?

It is dangerous because it unmasks church leaders as deceivers. The church has sanctioned so many practices that are not found in the Bible, even to changing some of the Ten Commandments. This may be seen by any Catholic who compares their Bible in Exodus 20 with what the catechism says. They will discover their Bible says not to make images (2nd Commandment) but the church is full of images and shrines.

To maintain Ten Commandments, the 10th is divided into not coveting the neighbor’s wife and not coveting his goods. The changing of the Sabbath to Sunday and annual holy days to pagan holidays is also a fact foretold by Daniel hundreds of years before the time of Christ. The little horn that grew out of the 4th beast (Roman Empire) would “think to change times and laws,” and do the things Daniel 7:25 said it would do…

Fast-forward to Revelation, a book written hundreds of years before bishops were called popes, and the imagery of a harlot with clues that can only fit the papacy is clear in the 17th chapter where it is called Babylon, a word meaning confusion, and the next chapter makes a call for God’s people to come out of her, that we aren’t partakers of her sins and receive her plagues. This call includes all sincere Catholics and devout nuns and priests.

A time of judgment is impending. The sooner we go in the right direction, the better progress we will make.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is author of several ebooks that have 5-star reviews on Amazon. His concern is that we are misunderstanding the wedding parables explained at where he offers pdf’s and more information also on this website.