Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi hails from a noble tribe of Arab, who famous for their religious services in the history. His parents settled in Balkh (now in Afghanistan) from Arab country. Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi born in 1207 at Balkh (Afghanistan). He is one of the prominent Sufi poet and great religious scholar. Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi spent most of his life at Rome (Turkey). He wrote the unique book “Masnavi Maanavi” for his people.

Family Background

Muhammad Bin Hussain Khateebi alias Bahauddin was the father of Maulana Rumi, who was a great religious scholar of Balkh. He was a teacher by profession. Bahauddin taught his people and guide them towards the right path of Islam. Sultan Elahuddin, the King of Khawarzam loved him very much for his religious services.

Migration from Balkh

Sheikh Baha Uddin was very popular among the public in those days. Thousands of fans were joining his company every day. One day, the king of Khawarzam Sultan Ela Uddin went towards Maulana Baha Uddin. The king saw thousands of fans gathered around the Sheikh there. The crowd impressed Sultan Ela Uddin very much and told his minister Imam Razi about the swilling crowd around Sheikh. Imam Razi became jealous with Sheikh and told if the crowd not stopped, it will create the problems for Sultan and will snatch the kingdom from him.

Sultan Ela Uddin returned to palace and sent the keys of his kingdom to Maulana Baha Uddin. Maulana replied that he will left the kingdom after Jumma prayer. Accordingly, he left the city after Jumma prayer. When the King of Khawarzam came to know about the migration of Maulana Baha Uddin, he excused for his message and requested not to left the city but Maulana did not refrain from his intentions. This incident took place in 1220. Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi was about twelve years old at that time.


Convey of Sheikh moved from Khawarzam to Baghdad through Nishapur and then went to Makkah. They further went to Malatya city of Rome. Sheikh stayed there for four years. Then, Maulana went to Qazman city (Landra) and stayed there for seven years. Maulana got married in those days, where Almighty Allah blessed him with two son. Finally, Sheikh Baha Uddin came to Qotia (place), where he died.

Cause of Revolution in Life

Maulana Jalal Uddin was inspired from Sheikh Burhan Uddin. He became the successor of Sheikh Burhan Uddin after his death. In those days, Jalal Uddin met with a Sufi Scholar / Dervish Shamas Uddin bin Ali bin Malik Dad Tabriz, who changed his life. Maulana took the oath from Shamas Tabriz which bring great revolution in his life. He was a teacher by profession and enjoys good reputation among the people. After meet with Shamas Tabriz, he became a poet and started singing and other music related hobbies. When the people saw the new activities of Maulana Jalal Uddin, they complained to Shamas Tabriz. Shamas Tabriz became angry and went to Damasks, Syria. Maulana Jalal Uddin sent his son Sultan Walad to bring Shamas Tabriz back. Sultan Walad brought him back to Qonia (place).

Real Love with Shams Tabriz

The people of Qonia were not happy with love of Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi with a strange person Shamas Tabriz. Therefore, they created a movement against Shamas Tabriz. When Shamas Tabriz saw the enmity and rude attitude of the people of Qonia with him, he left the place and went away without informing Maulana. Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi became very sad. He also wrote a Divan of Ghazal in love of his beloved Hierarch Shamas Tabriz.

One day, Maulana came out of his house, he saw a jeweler who was working in his shop. The hammer of Jeweler was making a sound of music. Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi heard the music of hammer and began dance in mesmeric condition. When the jeweler saw the condition of Maulana Jalal Uddin, he keep the hammer continued on strike for him and lost a lot of silver in this way. At last, the jeweler caught Maulana in his arms and sat him in the shop. Maulana keep writing poetry in the same condition till the evening of that day.

Children of Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi

Maulana Rumi has two sons, one is Sultan Wald and the other Ela Uddin Muhammad. Sultan Wald was obedient and respectful of his father, while Ela Uddin Muhammad was rude and bad-mannered. The people are on the opinion that Ela Uddin Muhammad has killed Shamas Tabriz.

Poetry Book Titled “Masnavi Maanavi”

Maulana Jalal Uddin wrote the renowned book of poetry “Masnavi Maanavi”. He started the book in 662 AH and completed it in 672 AH. Hessam Uddin was the student and follower of Maulana, who helped him in writing of the book. The book is tabulated into parts and volumes.

Characteristics of Expression

Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi has expressed his views in a good manner. He quoted verses of Quran and Hadiths in his poetry for ease and uptake of readers. Maulana has stressed upon good manners. He also discussed the Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) in the book and narrated Islamic philosophy with important spiritual points. Jalal Uddin presented a good idea / ideology of spiritual life in this book. He has dramatized the actual stories of life with logic in the book. The book has a complete charter of life.

Reason of Fame of the Book

Maulana has narrated fervent and good manners in the book, which gives international fame to this book. The poetry has a series of topics which are the treasury of manners. The poetry is equally famous among the public in general and poets of Rome in particular.

The Theory of Theosophy

Rumi followed great Sufi poets like Zulnoon Misri, Sultan Adham, Bayazeed Bastami, Shibli and Muhammad Bin Hussain Bin Mansoor Elaj Rumi in the theory of theosophy. Maulana narrated the theory of “Anal Haq” in his book in a technical way.

Important Topics of Book “Masnvi Maanavi”

Maulana Jalal Uddin Rumi narrated following topics in his book “Masnavi Maanavi”:-
Act and Struggle. Maulana preached the people in his book to struggle for work first and then trust in Almighty Allah.
Coerce or Force and Autonomy. Rumi says that coerce or force and autonomy theory is a tangle problem. However, he has expressed the problem in a good way and also gave examples for ease of readers in his book.

Definition of Love

Maulana Jalal Uddin says that love is the name of an intensive desire or wish. If the wish is good and holy then it will make us ready for sacrifice, which will further proceed us towards a great cause. He further narrated, if we love with Almighty Allah, then it will remove all bad things from our lives.

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