Other ways marriage seminars can help you.

Family work shops are not only for couples whose marriage is falling apart, but marriage seminars are also for couples who want their marriage to grow. Marriage seminars can also help couples know how to talk to other couples who need help, and would turn to a friend long before they would get counseling.

Help friends in need of advice.

Family work shops can help you talk to a couple you know through your church, or at work, or even in your neighborhood. If you have attended one of these marriage seminars that can help your marriage grow, and also help you talk to a couple who needs help, and your neighbors come to because their marriage is in trouble, the tools you learned in the family work shops will help you advise the neighbors won what they can do.

These marriage seminars will give you tools and tips to help your friends either get their marriage back on track, or help them find someone who they can talk to to get advice.

Why would a couple who is in trouble come to us, before seeking professional help?

During these family work shops, you will discover that your friends may be skeptical about talking to a marriage counselor. Your friends may feel that they can trust you more than they can a professional. You may want to help them find marriage seminars that will help them deal with the problem at hand and work through it together.

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