In speaking with countless healers and helpers who are passionate about giving to others, I am struck over and over by the struggle they have to get their message out in a powerful way. It is easy to fall into the trap of talking about what it is you do (process) rather than the bountiful benefits that people receive in working with you.

I have come to see the reason for this struggle from two angles: one is the marketing piece, and the other, which I believe is underneath the marketing piece, is at the very heart of the matter. More often than not, heart-based entrepreneurs do not completely claim the full value of what they offer. They fail to claim their natural gifts as the true “soul currency” in their lives, which then opens the door to the currency of money to flow in.

So let’s get to the heart of the matter first, and then it is much easier to tweak that marketing message so that it reflects the true value and radiates outward to those who need to know about it.

In his remarkable book, Ernest Chu says “Emotional and spiritual intelligence, and the multiplicity of talents we possess to whatever degree, are elements of our soul currency.” He also refers to these gifts with words like assets and capital, which are words more often associated with the currency of money.

Chu, a former investment banker, uses these words to make the point that this spiritual capital we possess is the “ultimate renewable resource,” which many helpers take for granted. The key is to learn the when, why and how of investing our spiritual capital to create a life of great prosperity.

He speaks of 4 types of spiritual assets, which are working in combination at any given moment in the various kinds of services we offer in our businesses: intuition and guidance, creativity, higher personality traits such as empathy, optimism, courage, persistence, etc., and cultivated skills and knowledge. All of these can be employed by people in all walks of life, though cultivated skills and knowledge are easier to assign a financial value to most often.

You may be a life coach, with uncanny intuition and the higher personality traits of empathy and optimism----and in 5 minutes with you, a client can shift from seeing their lives as a total disaster to seeing it as a training ground for their true purpose. If someone is struggling to find hope and meaning, there are a lot of life coaches to choose from. If you truly see the value in what you offer, you may speak of the unique quality of the benefit your clients receive--- that you help people transform their inner critic into their inner coach, and reclaim the power and joy that is their birthright.

Or you are a heart-based person who builds decks, for instance, as a fellow I met recently. He was feeling bad about himself and clearly not presenting his true worth, thinking his financial struggles had to do with the economy. During a mastermind, he was asked what is unique about what he offers, and he lit up, saying that he helps people create beautiful spaces where they can celebrate and enjoy their lives.

Now he was getting closer to his true purpose. He is a creator—he designs ambient living spaces that foster celebration. His customers not only get a deck, but unique design that blends with their lifestyle and present home.

Remember, people are tuned into a certain channel when they seek your help---channel WFIM—what’s in it for me. That is natural. They are in need, have a problem, a pain, or a huge crisis that is in need of remedy. If you are to claim your true worth, you must be able to articulate what benefits/results they receive when they work with you, or they will not fully see the value in working with you!

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Kathleen Hanagan, LCSW, coaches committed individuals and business owners who want to make a difference into breakthrough terrain where they take quantum leaps to manifest the level of success they have been dreaming about. She combines her passion for relationship work, expertise in business, and her mastery in the emotional realm, with her commitment to expanding the consciousness of Oneness on the planet. Her unique mentoring programs, VIP intensives and workshops serve as a roadmap to support those called to contribute their gifts, by helping them release limiting beliefs and patterns and stepping into their brilliance, while manifesting genuine prosperity. Join her at, to apply for a complimentary breakthrough strategy session, which will pave a path to profit with a deep sense of purpose.