Today’s marijuana is up to 10 times much stronger and potent than the marijuana of the past decades and with advanced efficacy, relates advanced addictive properties. Much of the social understanding regarding this drug where formed in those times when it was quite difficult to get addicted to what was a somewhat mild drug; but those times are gone now, and detox and marijuana addiction are very real.

Any individual who says that this drug is not at all addicting has apparently never spent a sleepless night shattered with anxiety, struggling incredible strong desire to use. Marijuana is not meth, but the detoxification is real, and it is difficult to keep several individuals using for a lot longer than they will like to.

Marijuana Addiction: Are You Addicted? The following 7 questions are based and established upon the American Psychological Association’s clinical diagnosis test of marijuana addiction, and if you could truthfully answer Yes to 3 or more of the following questions regarding your behavior for over the last year, then indeed, you’re addicted.

1. Have you tried in the past to at least cut down on your smoking or totally quit, but failed? 2. Could you use more and more of this drug than you used to be able to? Do you need more to get high or just to feel or experience similar effects? 3.Have you ceased doing things which you used to enjoy just because of your smoking habit? 4. Did you ever spent a lot of your time on getting high, working to acquire cash to get high or merely thinking about getting high? 5. Have you ever smoked more than you had planned on smoking? For instance, do you ever have a joint, a few hours or minutes before work, and rather of stopping at one, find yourself very high a few hours later as you begin your work? 6.Do you still continue to use even after you begin to feel and experience unfavorable and detrimental social and health effects? You still continue to use at the similar level or extent even as you notice or observe that the drug is already affecting your capacity to think and focus, or is having a negative effect on your school grades or work performance.

7. Did you ever begin to feel anxious or apprehensive if you cannot get any of this drug? And have you ever take another drug instead when there’s no marijuana around? So, what’s your real score? So if you answered Yes to 3 or more questions, you are addicted to it, and would likely require a to spend a few days in withdrawal if you try or attempt to break free from your harmful habit.

Marijuana detoxification pains are very real and they are not comfortable, yet most individuals can with willpower, determination and support to make it through, and begin to enjoy a better life away from an addiction to use. However, if you tried to quit on your own but was not successful, you have to consider getting professional help for your marijuana addiction.

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