Marijuana is a form of drug prepared from Cannabis plant and is used as a psychoactive drug throughout the world. Its production and use is illegal in most parts of the world. Despite this, its production is on a high in North America which stands as the highest producer of the drug.

Marijuana use in Canada is among the biggest producers of the drug, third only to its other North American counterparts, USA and Mexico. In the recent past, there has been a surging rise in this rate. Canada is producing the drug at a good rate with major production coming from the province of British Columbia.

Over the years, British Columbia province in Canada has become the trade and commerce hub for the country. And Cannabis is not left behind! British Columbia is producing the greatest amount of this drug in Canada and is slowly edging the country illegally towards high production rate of this illegal psychoactive drug.

A recent RCMP survey highlights that almost half of Marijuana production in Canada is based in BC. Most of the revenue behind its production comes from illegal capital of stock market fraud, trafficking, smuggling etc. Another report from UN stresses on the rise in the drug's production in Canada with an increase rate of 60% in Canada. This trend is on a rise in Canada and is all set to harm the future of the country.

Moreover, another shocking revelation is that Canada is also the biggest user of this psychoactive drug. It produces the dangerous drug both for export and import and hence, there has been a lot of impetus being laid on more stringent laws against its production and drug. In contrary to the efforts for legalizing Cannabis production and the use of its preparation, the government of Canada is taking every possible step towards reducing the production and getting hold of the culprits of the Marijuana trade from the land of Canada. Therefore, it is advisable to stay clear of any charges involving the drug or take expert legal assistance for fighting such cases since Cannabis production in any preparation and its use is a criminal offence in Canada.

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