If you are searching for a taste of old Australia, when the cattlemen reigned and the legends of the infamous Ned Kelly and the Man from Snowy River began, then look no further than Mansfield, Victoria. Mansfield, on the edge of the Great Dividing Range, is steeped in history, yet full of modern amenities and attractions. Just 30 miles (48km) from Mount Buller in the Victorian alpine region, Mansfield draws both lovers of history and adventure lovers from throughout Australia and abroad.

If you've seen the classic Australian film, The Man from Snowy River and longed to have a taste of his tough life on horseback, then Mansfield is where you ought to go. If you're keen on horseback riding, it is possible to choose between day trips or multi-day adventures up into the spectacular Bogong High Plains.

If you are up to the challenge, you will be taking the same routes as the cattlemen of old and even visit the huts they built on the plateau in the mid nineteenth century. If you like, it is possible to even take part in the summer muster and experience their life firsthand. However, if you simply wish to enjoy a pleasant outing on horseback and then return to civilization, you may easily do that, too, in scenic Mansfield.

Mansfield carries a reputation for being a horse lover's dream come true, but it is also a dream come true for anyone who loves the wide open spaces. If you prefer riding a mountain bike to riding a horse, you will find more than enough great trails to keep you happy.

If road cycling is more to your liking, you can take on the yearly 7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge. If you successfully manage four of the seven steep, winding classic climbs in the area, you could be in the running for an all expenses paid trip to the Tour de France. Be warned, though, these climbs are only for the fittest cyclists. Just successfully completing one of these climbs is something to be proud of.

You don't need to be an Olympic level cyclist to enjoy riding in Mansfield and surroundings. The Bright to Wangaratta "Rail Trail" is an excellent, almost level ride over a sealed cyclist road.

Riders of all levels of ability can enjoy part or all of this 60 mile (94km) ride through cooling pine trees and beautiful bushland. Along the way, you may be tempted to stop and enjoy a wine tasting at a local winery or see a few historical sites.

Love him or fear him, Ned Kelly is an iconic Australian historical person. A few see him as a hero who fought the law, while others view him as being a reckless thief and killer.

Whatever he was (perhaps a little of each?), he lives on in Australian folklore and is a large part of Mansfield's history. Mansfield was where the Kelly gang confronted the police, killing three in the ensuing gun battle. That battle sealed their fate and led the authorities putting Ned Kelly at the top of their Most Wanted list, whereas formerly he had been sought after as a infamous horse thief. The "Kelly Tree" in Mansfield, is alleged for being the site of the crime and is part of the popular Ned Kelly Trail.

So what are you looking for? Is the thrill of riding a horse or bike in Australia's High Country your idea of a great holiday or do you just want to get away for a relaxing vacation in a fantastic area steeped in history?

You can take your choice or have them both in Mansfield, a quaint village with a small population of only 4000 or a Long stay serviced apartments Melboourne. Whatever your taste or budget, you'll find the right Mansfield accommodation for you and your family. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to enjoy it all, since once you're there, you'll want to stay.

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