A remote and unique trekking is known as Manaslu Circuit trek in Nepal. Manaslu Circuit Trek is wonderful blend of natural beauty as well as the culture of Nepal. It is also one of the challenging, magical and most adventurous treks in Nepal. Manaslu Trek there will provide view of the adventures with tremendous day variety of natural beauty. Manaslu trek offers a unique opportunity to experiences excellent view of this region and super beauty alone the border of Nepal.
Manaslu region has been creating buzz a many traveler who are thinking about adventure trekking. View of snow-capped mountain peaks decorated the picturesque landscape of the Manaslu region while trekking on the trails. The Manaslu circuit trek gives you the opportunity to experienced magnificent views of the Mountains like mount Manaslu, along with many of its surrounding peaks like cheo peak, Himlchuli peak, Annapurna and many more.
Manaslu region trek is report able to welcome Mt. Manaslu which is within eight highest mountains in the world. It provides opportunity to observe unique 33 species of mammals, 110 species of birds, 211 species of butterflies, 2000 species of plants and 11 types of forest in Manaslu conservation area.
The panoramic view of mountains accompanied by natural attractive terrain, unique settlements and villages in the Manaslu circuit trek. Trek is unforgettable and it creates some different image in the mind of visitors. It has in-depth sort of attitudinal and climatic variations. Manaslu Trekking gives a high quality and numerous habitats for a vital kind of flora and fauna. The journey of Manaslu region legendary mountains is enjoyable and difficult. Trek to Manaslu Conservation is less crowded.
It is outstanding to take view of Buddhist monument and rural villages with spectacular mountains. It is far less crowded than well-known Everest Base Camp and Annapurna circuit. The trek is wild and remote, yet there is tea house at everyday stage, so trekkers don’t need to bring tents and food which make the trip accessible and affordable, enjoyable.
The first trail fallows the Budi Ghandaki, long river gorge with many suspension bridges. Manaslu trek is remote route with some difficulties but adventurous. It is one of the off-beaten trails compared to other treks. But moderate level of fitness, little bit of preparation and enough determination is required for trek. The trail takes you through remote villages, lush green forest, rivers, waterfalls and breathtaking mountains.

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