A learning outcome is a learning achievement which is different in result from the intentions of the tutor. It is like saying that the objectives of the course result in not only knowledge but also changes in behaviour, ethics and world view of the learner. However the objectives do not state these changes which are more the result of the influence of knowledge upon individual minds. It must be said that a learning experience goes beyond the scope of the subject that is taught. Over the years this phenomena of learning outcome has brought about changes in the perception of the tutor and teacher as well. Terminologies have had to be renewed and outlook revised to the effect that learning outcome as a mental event requires management.

In a class where Calculus for instance is taught a learning outcome cannot be predicted without getting to know the learner. This entails individual attention on the part of the tutor. It is highly likely that not every unit that is explained reaches the student verbatim. It shapes the way the mind forms interpretations and draws conclusions that have a scope beyond the subject. Learning outcomes need to be discussed in the beginning of the class and in the end to monitor the changes in perception of the learner. To know what to expect from a class is only half the job done. Changes to a great extent cannot always be predicted with ease. This practice of discussing the effect of a ‘lesson to be learnt’ experience will serve as a useful guide to monitor deviations and examine the new interpretation that gets formed.

The purpose of discussing learning outcomes is also to give timely feedback to students. This is phenomena that shifts the focus on to learners from tutors and makes the class learner-centric. Trying to complete courses to make it convenient for teachers drifts from the purpose of education as the subject is not given due justice. Knowing what could be the possible effects of learning helps the tutor to shape the course flow to manage the way the learner constructs new schema that facilitates learner-growth. There is also a need to use the existing knowledge as a stepping stone to understand new concepts for this will sharpen the knowledge base of the learner in light of balanced learning outcomes and prevent past learning from becoming a hindrance. In online tutoring classes learning outcomes are essential aspects of determining the course flow and radical changes in behaviour and perception.

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