Management of Infertility: Stress and Its Impact on Infertility Hormones

In the modern day lifestyle, everybody is under a lot of stress to perform well. While stress can be a motivating factor at times, it can have severe affects on a person's health and can even lead to infertility. Stress can make the heart beat faster and cause high blood pressure. The relationship between stress and infertility is not a definite one and is being researched and studied by professionals all over the world. Psychogenic infertility which is caused because of emotional problems experienced by an individual or the couple is one of the major factors of infertility. It occurs because of different reasons such as a fear or unconscious tension towards sexual activity, confusion or unwillingness to embrace motherhood, oedipal conflicts or confusion regarding gender identity.

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The hypothalamus is responsible for both stress response as well as sex hormones. Thus, excessive stress can cause a complete disruption of the menstrual cycle in women and this is observed among women athletes in a condition known as runner's amenorrhea. In cases that are less severe in nature, it causes irregular menstrual cycles. The reproductive tract in women contains catecholamine receptors and hence the catecholamine's produced as a result of stress also contributes to infertility.

Several neuro chemical changes are observed when people are under stress. The hormones that are to be released for maturation and release of egg and even the concentration of various chemical messengers that are responsible for reproduction might vary when we are under emotional stress. The reproductive tract and the brain are connected as the nerve fibers connect the brain to fallopian tubes and uterus. The nervous system of the body can affect the ability of the ovary to produce eggs and hormones. When a woman is under stress, spasms might take place in the fallopian tube and uterus which can have a severe impact on the transportation and implantation of a fertilized egg.

Stress can affect our hormones and reproductive organs and impact our fertility. The result of this would be more stress on the couple to conceive which in turn leads to further loss of fertility and this cycle can go on. Women who experience an inability to conceive undergo a lot of stress and feel depressed, angry and have low levels of self-esteem and may have panic attacks and feel guilty about not being able to live up to their partner's expectations. Men may also start feeling guilty and may feel overpowered in a relationship and this can have an effect on their sexual life.

Even sleep cycles are disrupted under stress. People who experience a lot of stress have problems sleeping and can suffer from conditions such as insomnia which can impact the behavior of hormones that are responsible for reproduction and fertility which leads to infertility. Thus, though the relationship between stress and infertility is not exactly well defined, sleep aid kits and stress management programs are being suggested for couples that experience a lot of stress in their daily life.

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Deciding to get pregnant or becoming parents of a baby is a very big commitment of life. It requires a lot of patience, emotions, and sacrifices from when you conceive to when your child becomes an adult. Many women get pregnant very easily but some of them get it a very difficult task. They try to conceive for a long time and do all the efforts to make it happen but unfortunately they failed. Many couples try month after month just find to know that you are pregnant but they find still you are not pregnant. So, before wasting your expensive time to struggle to get pregnant you need to have a good knowledge about how to get pregnant.

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Some women are not able to conceive easily but it does not mean that they are infertile and they should go to the doctor immediately for the treatment of infertility. There are several ways which can help you in getting pregnant easily and these ways are very easy to use at home. These natural ways on getting pregnant will enhance your chances, taking you closer to pregnancy; you will find most of them are easy enough to take care of.

Preparing for pregnancy involves a lot of things. However your mind and body are ready to conceive and become parents of a baby. So, are you ready to look forward to having a healthy baby and how to make it possible? When you will go to the deeper of this thing about how to get pregnant with a healthy baby naturally, you will find that it's not an easiest thing in the world. Research has shown that women in perfect health and below the age of 30 have around 20% of chance of getting pregnant in every month.

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Conception isn't easy and many women trying to have a child feel they need help getting pregnant. Sometimes it can be simple impatience but we can hardly be blamed for this having from an early age been told about how to prevent it from happening because it is so easy to become pregnant, they are now finding it isn't so easy after all.

There are however several ways of increasing the chances of conceiving a child, most of which are simple lifestyle changes. The first tip however is a medical tip rather than a lifestyle one.

One very common misconception is that by having sex all the time you will increase your chances but this isn't true. Having sex all the time will only lead to a lower sperm count on the males behalf and sex will also become less enjoyable and feel more like a chore which will only effect your chances even more as this can cause stress levels to rise.

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There is actually only a 24 hour period during ovulation where you can become pregnant as this is how long the egg will remain once it is released before it is shed during the menstruation part of your cycle. Since male sperm can stay alive for up to 5 days the period can be slightly extended.

Your chances of getting pregnant will be greater the nearer you have sex to the time of ovulation. Ovulation occurs 10 to 14 days before your period so getting to know your menstrual cycle is hugely important. If you don't know your cycle too well then there are thermometers which can tell you when ovulation is occurring or test kits, which work the same as an actual pregnancy kit, that do the same thing.

All the tips in the world on increasing fertility will not help in getting pregnant however unless you are trying at the right time.

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I often hear from women who are trying to become pregnant and who know or suspect that their diet can have some effect on their baby's gender and sex. I often hear comments like: "if what I eat can influence or help determine my baby's gender, then how does this work? What types of foods should I be eating if I am trying to conceive a boy or a girl?"

In the following article, I'll discuss how the mother-to-be's diet can be one of the factors that influences whether she conceives a boy or a girl.

What You Eat Before Pregnancy Can Influence Your PH Level (And Whether You Are Acidic Or Alkaline.) And This Level Can Affect Your Baby's Gender: The first thing that I want to mention is that we're talking about your diet or what you eat when you are trying to conceive and BEFORE you become pregnant.

Any changes to your diet after you get pregnant or conceive won't matter in terms of your baby's gender, which is decided at conception. It's better to begin any changes in your diet well before the day or days you are actually trying to become pregnant.

Now that we've discussed when your PH comes into play, let's get into why it's important. Basically, if a Y sperm chromosome fertilizes your healthy egg and results in a baby being born, then you will get a boy. But, if the process happens with an X sperm rather than a Y, then you'll get a girl baby. Your PH is one of the factors that can either raise or lower the odds of one of these things happening.

For example, an acidic vaginal environment is more favorable to having a girl baby because it's more friendly to the girl sperm and most hostile to the boy sperm. If you're trying for a son, then you would want an alkaline environment instead.

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What Foods Make You More Acidic For A Girl? What Foods Make You More Alkaline For A Boy? These questions seem very simple, but the answer isn't as clear as you might think. In general terms, meats and dairy are more acidic (and girl baby producing,) while vegetables and fruits are more alkaline (or boy producing.) But, there are many shades of gray here. Some foods start out one way but then turn once they are digested.

And, different people react differently to different foods. That's why it can be helpful to regularly test yourself (with PH strips) when you introduce new foods into your regimen. This will allow you to see (rather than to assume) which foods are working out well (and changing your PH the way that you want them to) and which are not. It also allows you to see when you've reached acceptable levels and are ready to conceive the gender that you want.

Foods, Diet, And PH Are Just One Of Three Variables That Influence Your Baby's Gender: Changing your PH is a good place to begin, but there are other considerations. Remember when I talked about seeing your optimal PH on those testing strips (depending on which gender you want?) Well, this really isn't the green light to go ahead and try to conceive, unless your timing is right also. Because you also need to take your ovulation time into account too. Conceiving early in this cycle gives you a better chance for girls. And conceiving late gives you a better chance for boys.

When you combing timing on both counts, then you've covered two of three bases. The last variable is the sexual intercourse positions you use. Deep penetration is better when you are trying for a boy. And shallow penetration is better when you're trying for a girl. But, as with the diet and foods, every one is individual so it's best to experiment and see what works best for you and your partner.

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