Maldives is a perfect destination for enjoy viewing the beautiful crystalline waters, sparkling white sand, and swaying palm trees. The Maldives has beautiful weather throughout most of the year and has become a perfect choice for easily getting the idyllic beach getaway. The Maldives is considered as the ultimate dream destination of tranquility and luxury. Maldives or Maldive Islands is an independent island country located in the north-central Indian Ocean. The Maldives is filled with a chain of 1,200 small coral islands along with sandbanks. These small scattered islands located in the Indian Ocean mainly comprise 1,190 single islands. Before traveling to this destination, it is quite important to know where is maldives located. The Maldives is a democratic nation with a population width of 400,000 people. The average temperature in these Maldives islands is 31 Degree Celsius.

Location Of Maldives:

The Maldives Island is mainly extended from 510 miles from north to south as well as 80 miles from east to west. The Capital island of Male is located at about 400 miles southwest of Sri Lanka. The Northernmost atoll is located at the distance of 370 miles south-southwest to the Indian mainland. When you are looking for a perfect destination for enjoying the vacation with your family and friends then choosing the Maldives resorts would be quite an efficient option.

Best Time To Visit The Maldives:

Beautiful beaches, resorts, and temperature make The Maldives a perfect destination to the extent. Visiting the Maldives between December and April is considered as the perfect option for the visit during the dry season. It is called as the high season and the Resorts here are fully booked all around the year. May and November are still warm and the skies are cloudy. Humidity is higher in the Maldives and provides you a good option for enjoying the vacation. Months of November and April are mainly enabled with the increased water clarity so that it gives more visibility for the divers.

The Maldive Islands:

The Maldive Islands are mainly considered as the series of coral atolls mainly built up from submerged ancient volcanic mountains. Islands here are mainly low lying and they are lesser than 6 feet above sea level. Normally, the barrier reefs mainly protect the island from the destructive effect of the monsoon. Rainy seasons from the months of May to August are especially from the southwest monsoon. Atolls especially have sandy beaches, lagoons, as well as luxuriant growth of coconut palms. Sea turtles have been caught for food, as well as many other traditional medicines.

A Perfect Place For Honeymooners:

Maldives islands are the ultimate destination for romance. Couples could easily immerse themselves in the incredible beauty of the islands. Tourists could easily relax the pace and mesmerizing sunsets along with the sweet aroma of flowers. Maldives resorts are considered as the perfect option for relaxing and you could easily enjoy a leisurely breakfast from the overwater bungalow. The place is also known for the traditional Maldivian wedding ceremony or even the renewal of vows. Take a leisurely stroll on the secluded white sand beach to enjoy the spectacular place on earth.



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