When considering a place for your COSTA DEL SOL HOLIDAYS why not chose the ancient city of Malaga? This beautiful city is passed over by most tourists on their way to another seaside location. Malaga international airport has millions of tourists passing through its gates each year but only long enough to catch a bus or retrieve a hire car. If they would only stop long enough to sample the city’s rich cultural heritage, its ancient architecture and an undiscovered nightlife plus a plethora of interesting places to visit they wouldn't be able to tear themselves away. For example there is the fantastic Picasso museum and a castle of Moorish origin. Malaga also has some top class seafood restaurants and little atmospheric filled bars where you can sample the true taste of Spain in the tapas. You don't have to stop at the city limits: you can hire a car and venture out into the countryside for a little golf or visit the excellent beach of Fuengirola.

The tourist hot spots in Malaga are so plentiful that it will take you at least two days to see them all. After you have explored some of the local history there is an amazing amount of shopping you can partake of. The most interesting landmark in Malaga is the Arabic fortress that was built in the 11th century. This fortress was constructed especially for the King Badis of Grenada. The fortress stands on top of a hill in the city centre which offers some amazing views from the top. Next is the highly decorated Malaga Cathedral for which building started in 1528 but was not completed until 1782. If you are into churches there are a few more for you to explore starting with the Santuario de la Victoria and Iglesia San Juan Bautista. Once you have tired of all your exploring why not visit one of Malaga's parks and relax? El Parque is a popular park especially with all the tropical plants and exotic flowers. A lot of the vegetation in the park was brought to the city when it was a stop on the exotic trading routes.

If you like modern art then you have come to the right place, as Malaga is Picasso's birthplace. You can find many examples of his work with reference to his influences in style over the city. The city built a museum dedicated to this famous artist and it is filled with a selection of his works including sketches and ceramics. The building in which Picasso was born is now the Casa Natal Museum; it also has an extensive selection of his work and background on his life and his family.

For those of you who would like to know more about what part bullfighting played in the Spanish culture, you can pay a visit to the bullfighting museum. Don't let this stop you from seeing the real thing: you might just like it. The museum allows you to see the glamorous side of bullfighting without all the blood. It has some magnificent costumes, both for the matador and ladies attending the fight. This museum also teaches you about the traditions and history behind the bullfight. It is interesting to know that this museum also has a section dedicated to the local fisherman called “Life at Sea” where tourist can begin to understand a little about a fisherman's traditions and history.

Once you have explored all that Malaga has to offer on your COSTA DEL SOL HOLIDAYS there is plenty more to see in the surrounding area. Nearby is the Torremolinos beach or the Alhambra which is a fortress from the 13th century located in Granada.

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