Making friends in another country can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know anybody at first. This article details the most effective ways to pull it off smoothly.

Today, it’s very common to end up studying, working, living or traveling in another country. If at first you don’t know anybody else there, meeting new people and making new friends can seem like a challenge.

The good news is that it’s an easily surmountable challenge, provided you know and use the right strategies for connecting with others. With this in mind, I’m going to share with you the most effective strategies I know to make friends in another country.

1. Foreign language classes for the native language. If you’re in a new country, you might as well brush up on your language skills for the native language of that country, by taking a class. Coincidentally, this is also an excellent way to make friends.

In such a language class, you’re likely to find other foreigners, who just like you, don’t have much of a social circle in their new surroundings. They are eager to know new people, make conversation and connect with them. Use this to your advantage.

2. Dancing lessons. I’m talking here about the styles of dancing that are danced with a partner, such as tango, salsa, rumba or waltz. The best thing about dancing classes is that the dance gives you a good pretext to engage people of the opposite sex: inviting them to dance.

After you dance with a person, use the opportunity to make some conversation and get to know each other. Basically, a dance class provides a context where it’s easy to initiate interactions with other people and talk with them. This makes being sociable much simpler.

3. Connect with your colleagues. If you’re in another country to work or to study, than you have colleagues as well. So a logical step to make is to get to know them on a more personal level and try to make friends with some of them.

Don’t keep your relationship just work or study related. After work or after classes, invite some of your colleagues to go out for a beer or something. You’re likely to discover at least one or two people you’ll really bond with. Later, if your colleagues also have other friends, you can meet some of their friends as well.

4. Participate in local meet-ups. In most big cities, there are special events for people who want to meet other people. These meet ups are a simple way to interact with new people and make friends. Everyone there is sociable and easy to engage in a chat.

The first step is to go on the Internet and search for meet ups in your area. Pick the ones that work for you in terms of location and time, and attend them. Whatever you do, don’t be too picky. The key to seeing results is to get yourself out there, participating in such events and being sociable.

There are in fact numerous ways to meet people and make new friends. And there ways such as the ones above, that work particularly well when you’re in another country. Put them into practice and socialize on a regular basis, you’ll see your social life bloom and you’ll find living in another country to be much more fulfilling.

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Eduard Ezeanu is a communication coach specializing in social success. If you enjoyed this article, also learn conversation topics and discover how to be more outgoing from two first-class articles on his People Skills Decoded blog.