Making a transition in life can be difficult to accept and face head on.  There aren’t many people who enjoy the process of change or accepting a new reality in their existence.  Whether you have made the decision yourself or someone has made it for you, these times can be full of unexpected trials and tribulations.

Perhaps you decided to end a relationship for your own benefit. It can be a divorce or leaving a job or a roommate, even a new car has its downside. There is no question that our brains are wired for “default” status. Call it “status quo” or any other word, often it is more comfortable to be with the problem you are used to than breaking in a new routine.

Two different types of occurrences cause you to make a life transition. A planned occurrence such as a wedding, higher education or a move is something you can organize and prepare yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally to make a transition. 

An unplanned occurrence catches you off guard, it is a time you weren’t expecting to make a change.  The actuality of the situation is, no matter what, unplanned or planned, a transition from one perspective to another.  You’re dealt a whole new set of cards.

Just as our muscles get accustomed to whatever activity they are used to, our emotions get to know to certain pathways better than anything else, even when negativity is attached.
Bursts of freedom are often followed quickly by confusion about what to do next, how to move forward. Too much advice can be a big hindrance to finding your own way. In my experience, people have been very ready to tell me – call it advice – what to do when it is more connected to who they are than who I am.

I had a client who was looking to buy a car. A friend of hers said what she should really get was a truck with 90,000 miles on it. There was no way anything about that vehicle would have been a good buy for my client. The last thing she needed was a high maintenance, gas guzzling truck to park in her small driveway. That’s the car he wanted. She ended up with a not too used sedan and drives it happily wherever she needs to go.

With transition coaching your everyday life skills grow into a committed path to the life you dream. My simple strategies will clarify your expression and help you be open to the life you want to attract.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson

I’m often helping individuals who are transitioning from loss or expressed failures.  It’s difficult for people to recognize their shortcomings or comprehend something is gone. 

Shortcomings in themselves may be the path to a better career to which you are actually more suited. The adage, “One door closed is another opened,” has real truth in my experience.

I enjoy seeing the relief of people moving from one phase of their life to discovering their most authentic self.  They release themselves from their own inhibitions and can now do what they feel is right. Often seeing an opening for the first time. It can feel like chance but more likely it is your own intuition at work and not your failure at all.

My goals with Transformational Video and Insight Coaching are to help people clarify their goals and personal vision.  Once you are clear, you can move to being open with yourself and prepared for any occurrence you may face on your life journey.  With my heart-centered tools and strategies I have helped countless people live inspiring and fulfilled lives. My clients are an inspiration to me, and a reminder that we are all capable of leading incredible lives.

Author's Bio: 

Is just being yourself enough?

Do you say something to get something? Do you want to be known or make a point? 

Pam White calls herself a "life-enhancing" coach because she spent years trying to make herself known before she knew herself. And Pam was stressed, tense and looking for a "fix" from someone else to tell her she was worthwhile, loveable and smart.

It wasn't until she appreciated who she was that she gave up being a caretaker and became a true friend.

Through the strategies and processes that Pam has come to know and practice - an important difference - she is able to be vulnerable, kind, honest and ask for help while taking responsibility for herself. 

Pam's goal in her life is to share this knowledge and way of being so that as many as possible will know freedom of mind and heart.

Come to her Website, leave her a message, she'd love to hear from you!