Nature has a bundle of love and heavenliness to offer to mankind, but it depends on the people to utilize it smartly and generously. Talking about photography, wedding photography and nature photography is very much distinct from one another, but when they combine, these create an exceptional impression and flabbergasting results in the form of pictures.

The pre-wedding photography is the hot potato worldwide and it is winning attention for all the right reasons. It offers the opportunity to the couples to establish a closer kinship with one another before the wedding, whilst being clicked. But, when it is commemorated with nature and its' majestic ingredients, it can turn into a unique and jaw-dropping set of pictures.

Here, we have mentioned 5 natural elements that can magnify the beauty of pre-wedding photography:

Waterfall: The falling water and mountains can create an amazingly beautiful background for the couple photoshoot. The whole set-up can be romantic and arouse the love of the bride and groom for each other that would lead to getting the most memorable pictures in the midst of love and nature.

Deserts and Sands: If you are not living in the mountain area, the deserts and the sand laid in the dry area can be a majestic element to proliferate the grace of the pre-wedding pictures. People visit Ladakh and similar areas to get romantic and Bollywood-style shoots in the surrounding sand.

Flora: If you are not willing to travel beyond your city in the search of natural components for getting unique pictures for the pre-wedding shoot, then you could visit a park with lush greenery and beauty for taking the most alluring pictures. The flowers, bushes, and trees add natural value to the pictures and make it so much glorious that it becomes hard to take eyes off it.

Lakes and Rivers: The earth is more water than land and that leads to people having multiple water bodies like the sea, lake, rivers, and oceans. The Dal Lake or Ganga River can be the best spots for having some natural and exquisite pictures at the banks or inside a boat, in the middle of the water body.

Snow: However, if you are lucky enough to live in a city that is covered with snow, you can have the choicest pictures with the white beauty you are blessed with. Having fun with snow in building a snowman and writing the couple’s name in the snow can be some precious moments that deserve to be captured and framed.

The best thing about utilizing the natural offerings of the earth is that it is inexpensive and charismatic. The couple doesn’t need to spend a substantial amount on their arrangement. However, If one does not have the desired natural element in the place of their residence, they might have to incur the cost of traveling to the chosen place. So, you might ditch the expensive and monotonous elements and go for the natural and sumptuous elements bestowed by Mother Nature.

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Subodh Bajpai Photography is a team of stalwart photographers who are delighted to click the fun and candid pictures in the wedding functions of the people and have a record of capturing 500+ weddings within a year.