Interior design ideas that follow a theme can convert your house into an experience to come home to after a long day at work. The relaxing atmosphere of an island getaway or the energy of a night club or the spiritual comfort of a temple can all be captured through the right wall colour combinations. Furniture can be chosen and arranged to match your themes; lawn chairs for islands, bar stools for night clubs and simple somber seats for temples. Instead o f a place where you sleep, your house could be the dream you always wanted to live.

If you are raising a family you will know how children are always out to explore the world and leave their mark on it. Unfortunately, sometimes their mark is a drawing on the walls of their home, ruining the wall colour combinations you so thoughtfully picked out. Using acrylic paint prevents this problem since it can be scrubbed clean easily without damaging the paint. Now you could even allow your kids to let loose their artistic sides on your walls. If you want to go a little further for your kids than the usual wall colour combinations you could try the paints that glow in the dark. Such paints could make for very creative interior design ideas, bringing your child’s room to life with scenes and characters both thrilling and entertaining.

When you enter a room, the first thing to strike you is the colour. The colour on the walls influences your mind and your emotions, creating an atmosphere in which you can work, play or rest in. You can invent a variety of your own wall colour combinations, mixing all kinds of shades in ways nature lacked the imagination to do. Painting has come a long way from what it once was. Today we can paint a three dimensional effect onto walls. When you brush your hand over your wall it is now possible to feel the texture you desire; rough, smooth or something in-between. Interior design ideas can use such painting to take your dwelling to a whole new level of luxury.

It is appearance that makes a house a home. Different people have different personalities and tastes, the same wall colour combinations and interior design ideas hardly appeal to everyone. Fortunately we are in an age with nearly limitless options for turning your residence into a perfect home.

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