MultiBank was founded in California in 2005 and has since become a major global financial institution that offers its clients direct access to banks and exchanges through advanced trading platforms. MultiBank Group is currently headquartered in Hong Kong.

The MultiBank Group service is provided to more than 280,000 retail and institutional clients in more than 90 countries, with MultiBank having offices in Sydney, Los Angeles, Vienna, Frankfurt, Madrid, Cyprus, and the UAE.

Types of MultiBank trading accounts

MultiBank offers a type of trading account to all its clients whose characteristics actually depend on the trading platform selected by the trader, as we will see in the next section.

These platforms, based mainly on Metatrader 4, offer different trading conditions, in terms of the type of execution, spreads, leverage, and trading costs for the client. It can actually be said that for every MultiBank trading platform there is a type of trading account.

The main advantages and additional services of this broker are the following:

It is a broker with a global presence that is regulated by important organizations.

On a regular basis, this broker offers different promotions to its clients, including bonuses for depositing funds. Currently, it has a 100% welcome bonus for new customers who open an account and deposit funds.

MultiBank offers an ECN trading environment, which has excellent conditions to operate in the market, including low and variable spreads, efficient execution of operations, and direct access to the market.

Accepts all styles of trading, including scalping and hedging.

Through its website, it offers free education on the market and trading in general.

As a trading platform, it offers Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, in different versions, including

MultiBank clients have access to a VPS hosting service that allows them to employ their Expert Advisors 24 hours a day and continue operating even when their PC is off.

It offers a MAMM / PAMM managed account service for its clients, which allows professional traders and fund managers to manage multiple trading accounts of their own and their investors.

Opening an account with the MultiBank broker

MultiBank is a regulated broker that offers all kinds of services for clients interested in trading in the Forex market and with other instruments such as metals and CFDs. Likewise, it offers various solutions for both beginner traders and experienced traders, including trading accounts that provide ECN-type trading conditions. For these reasons, MultiBank is a broker that should be considered as a means of investing in the markets.

If you are interested in obtaining more information about the MaxFX broker, open a practice demo account to evaluate its services or open a real trading account to operate in the market.

MultiBank website and customer service

MultiBankl has a website translated into several languages, including English and Spanish. This site is characterized by being easy to navigate and quite complete, as it offers a wealth of information about the company and its services, including information about the company, its regulation, means of contact, trading instruments, trading conditions, trading accounts, trading platforms and their characteristics, promotions for clients, accepted means for depositing and withdrawing funds and additional services among other aspects. Through this website, the trader can open an account and download the trading platforms.

Regarding customer service, this broker offers various means of contact for its clients and website visitors, including phone calls, email, and live chat on the website, which operates 24 hours a day, 5 days. a week. Likewise, the company has customer service offices located in different countries. Thanks to this, MultiBank can provide services and address the concerns of current and potential clients who speak Spanish, without any problem, unlike other brokers that only have customer service personnel who speak English.

Additionally, interested operators can request a phone call from the company, using a form on MultiBank's website.

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