Germany is a Western European Country with a luxurious coastal line in the Northern region. Well, if you love sunbathing and deep-sea swimming, then you already know the federal states to be in; Northern Germany. Moreover, these beaches attract huge numbers of domestic and international tourists from European Union countries, especially from landlocked countries. In as much Germany may not be your first option for sandy a beach, because of poor beach publicity, the country has several dazzling beaches which range from private to public ones. In fact, there are even more secluded and neglected coastal lines with sunny beaches in Germany, especially during the summers.

So, where do you go if you want to enjoy the serene beach environment in Germany? What are the top safe beaches where children can freely swim without the fear of sharks or destructive coastal winds? Here is a list of top beaches in Germany:

  • Ahlbeck beach

Also known as Usedom, Ahlbeck beach is the sunniest coastal line in Germany that you wouldn't want to miss at all. Now the best thing is that the beach has a whooping 30km stretch, which gives enough room for beachside mansions and villas, not to forget affordable hotels. Can you imagine waking up to the beautiful sun rays horizon on the sea edge? Well, celebrities pay millions of dollars to be in such places, but here you have Ahlbeck beach, which is literally open for everyone from any walk of life. Moreover, there are many leisure activities other than sunbathing and swimming, which range from horse riding to cycling.

  • Ostseebad Ahrenshoop

What do you think about a 9km peninsula stretch with breathtaking sand dunes? Well, what about designated dog spaces for your pets? Well, Ostseebad Ahrenshoop is a little known beach in Northern Germany, especially to locals, and a big secret to foreigners. Don't mistake this for a private beach or an abandoned one. Ostseebad Ahrenshoop has a small neighborhood of artists who seldom visit the sandy beaches. Even the mayor is an actor! However, let that not worry you as the sand dunes are worth your money and time for exploration.

  • Timmendorfer beach

Which type of beach do you prefer taking your family to? Well, you must have private vacation therapy once in a while. Timmendorfer beach is a perfect secretive getaway beach in Northern Germany with very few visitors. In fact, during winter and other cold seasons, you’ll think that the beach is deserted for wild animals or something worse. Timmendorfer beach gives you an ample and quiet environment for bonding with your loved ones. Other than environment serenity and sandy beaches, the area is secure as only locals frequent the beach, unlike other parts with many international tourists. Moreover, you'll get to enjoy a budget-friendly accommodation. 

  • St Peter-Ording beach

If you are looking for a perfect family retreat beach with a rejuvenating effect, then St Peter-Ording beach will be the best choice. This coastal line is the most sort-after beach in the Northern part of Germany and is famously known for its spa resort. You'll not worry about accommodation as affordable resorts are just within the beach's proximity. Moreover, if you are water sports person, then St Peter-Ording beach offers the best training space and sports equipment for rental. In addition to that, there is an annual water sports competition that attracts many Germans from different inland parts and walks of life. 

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