In the world of alternative health remedies, there are many skeptics. Some say it’s all a bunch of “quackery.” Others swear by treatments and medicines like acupuncture, herbal medicine, magnetic therapy, and the list is very long, with many variations. A magnetic sheet would be included in that “fringe” type alternative healing device.

Magnet sheets therapy is where magnets are applied directly to different parts of the body to relieve pain and speed healing. There are different devices, like a magnetic mattress pad, magnetic sheet or mattress, magnetic insoles for shoes, magnetic jewelry, like bracelets, magnetic earrings, magnetic rings, and magnetic necklaces.

Alternative medicines and treatments are looked down upon by many because their practices are rarely scientifically proven or even medically shown to be good for your health. This leads many people away from these alternative treatments and potential cures for pain and disease. A magnetic sheet is no exception to this skepticism about alternative medicines.

The reality is magnets are used in the everyday household. From microwaves, televisions, computers, and everything else that uses electricity. With a growing concern about the dangers of these devices, and their associations with cancer, birth defects, etc, how is it that we still use all these electronic devices. Why do we run to get an MRI and allow ourselves to be put inside a magnetic chamber designed to subject the human body to high intensities of magnetic fields?

The “proof is in the pudding,” as they use to say. Positive results and healing obtained by many people, willing to share their experiences with others, is enough for many to become interested. Experiments were conducted in which multiple patients applied magnet therapy to specific areas. Some patients received real magnets and the other, only a placebo. The resulting tests were in favor of the therapy! Of the people who received the real magnetic therapy, half of them reported a 50% reduction in pain levels, while the placebo patients reported only a slight reduction in pain.

Magnets have been used to relieve chronic pain for months. Some using this therapy said it didn’t work for them. But for those who do believe they work, there is much to choose from on the market today. There are bracelets, shoe inserts, mattresses and a magnetic sheet. One of the most common uses of the magnetic sheet is for horses.

Promoters of magnetic therapy say that it provides relief for patients without the use of harmful drugs, chemicals and expensive medications. They claim healing benefits for cancer, blood vessel disorders, infections, and chronic pain. They theorize that when small magnets are applied to an affected area, the chromosomes are shifted within cells, which help to relieve acute and chronic pain. Others have sat in large metallic, magnetic boxes, which they say has improved their comfort level.

Magnetic therapy has proven to be effective in healing broken bones. Applying direct magnetic rays to a broken bone can increase healing dramatically.
Many critics of magnetic therapy say there’s a lack of evidence and scientific proof. Even though some studies have proven a patient does gets relief applying magnets to a certain area. The critics still say that’s not proof. There’s also no proof that the magnets are doing any harm. Doesn’t it make sense that if it works for you, why not use them?

As alternative medicines like a magnetic sheet continue to emerge, society will show skepticism towards them until medically proven beneficial and not harmful. However, the same people who complain about unproven therapies are often the ones unwilling to support research and development on those topics.

Magnetic fields are generated by many sources, including the earth's magnetic pull, solar storms, power lines and even chemical reactions in the body.
I believe that if something can help bring healing, relief and wellness, without any harmful side effects; why would you not at least give it a try? If none of these alternative cures really worked, would there still be so many people using them?

We can’t continue just believing everything a medical doctor tells us, and totally disregard the evidence of potential aid for our physical problems.

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