Onion is a rich source for vitamin, mineral, antioxidants and many other substances our bodies need for well being. Besides with its low calorie content and wonderful taste, it’s perfect as a daily vegetable. Not limited to these benefits, onions are there to bring more to our health as a research team has proved that a compound from onion is capable to slow down the ovarian cancer development.

The team is from Japan and has published their research result in Nature with open access. Their finding for ovarian cancer is the first one in the whole scientific world, and the team claimed that it’s highly possible to develop a supplement for ovarian cancer control, and the main content is from onion, which should be a hint for the non-expensive price of the supplement once it’s available.

Still the exact knowledge of the compound is not announced and the only known information is the name-onion A, which is short in ONA.

Epithelial ovarian cancer is one of the most common cancers among women. And the present medication for it is not satisfied. Then the team turned to the natural compound ONA. In their very primitive studies they found the application of ONA can inhibit previous conditions of contracting cancer and its significance in enhancing the performance of cancer drug.

In later stage of the study, they applied oral doses of ONA on mice to test the effects on epithelial cancer treatment. Mice with the cancer prescribed with the natural compound lived longer than the ones that in the same condition but not treated with ONA. Also, it’s observed at the same time that the tumor progression is slowed obviously.

It’s undoubtedly that the finding is a substantial breakthrough for that the area is still black and waiting to be written on. With it, ovarian cancer, one of the most common cancer killers for middle aged women, will be controlled.

The research paper is titled in Onionin A inhibits ovarian cancer progression by suppressing cancer cell proliferation and the protumour function of macrophages with open access.

Then just eat onion as you like, and if don’t like it, please also give it a chance to be eaten.

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