If you schedule your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN why not be a little daring and book them in the largest city in Spain, Madrid? This cosmopolitan city is not only the nation’s capital but it is home to more than three million people. You can't help but be impressed when you discover that besides being the centre for government and finance, it is also a major manufacturing centre for aircraft and automotive industries. Also the Spanish speaking world depends on Madrid for their major publications hence the rather large printing industry that calls Madrid its home.

A small portion of the attractions that Madrid has is centred in the 73 museums located in this ancient town. It doesn't matter what your area of interest is, there is a museum to satisfy your need. The world of art is contained in places such as the Prado Museum with cultural attractions and masterpieces by famous artists including Velasquez, El Greco and Goya. Known around the world is the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum; this art gallery has one of the largest art collections in the entire world. It houses sculptures, tapestries along with approximately 800 paintings.

If you are a nature lover you don't have to leave to city for an outdoor experience: a rare green city with all its gardens and parks such as the Juan Carlos I Park, the Casa de Campo and the Retiro Park. If you love sports, more to the point football, you will be in heaven when you visit Madrid during the soccer season. Madrid possesses not one but two major football teams that you can see play while you are in town. The cultural sport of bullfighting is well catered for in Madrid as the largest bullring in Spain is situated here. This fascinating place, Las Ventas, is where the novice bullfighters are trained and if you can visit this attraction take some time to explore it; you will be surprised at how interesting it is.

Madrid is the place for a weekend break to do a little shopping. Whatever you are looking for can be found here, be it in the specialized boutiques or the busy open air markets. Some of the items you will find on offer in these places include antiques, souvenirs, Spanish fashion and a choice of food delicacies. Just be sure and bring a lot of Euros with you as some of the high street shops with their internationally known name brands can get rather expensive.

When planning an evening out why not go native and eat around 10 o'clock? This late start includes theatres and cinemas. During the day time while you are out and about check out the restaurants for your evening meal as the prices can be over the top for a first class place. If you are on a budget try the local tapas bars that are cheap and serve a good quality of food.

When packing for your HOLIDAY RENTALS IN SPAIN, be sure to pack a pair of dancing shoes as there are nightclubs open until the sun comes up. Another part of Spanish culture that you need to experience is the flamenco dance. Madrid has some excellent bars with different interpretations of this well known dance. Just listening to the melodic sounds of this soulful music will put you in a nostalgia mood.

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