If you are finally on your HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN see what Madrid has to offer. One of the first places to take in which you should visit is the famous Plaza Mayor. You will find that its name has changed through time throughout history, but still has an appeal that makes it unique. Throughout the architectural work you see here, all which make it one of the best places for tourists that visit to Madrid.

The story of Madrid is one that unfolds before you. It was the site of political struggles over the years, festivals of all kinds, bullfights and even a few beheadings. Today, you can travel around enjoying the sights and sounds, sharing a bite to eat in the beautiful climate of the city. Around you stores and museums offer things to see and do. There is something for everyone.

It was first established centuries ago. Felipe II wanted Madrid to be the capital of Spain, which finally happened in 1619, under the rule of Felipe III. You will see a statue of Felipe III in the Plaza Mayor itself. Inside, about 50,000 people visit, filling the square the many festivals celebrating the culture of Madrid or to see the many scenes or horrific executions over the centuries. This is the ultimate public venue: weddings were held here as were Spanish Inquisition hearings. One activity that takes place every summer is bullfighting. The buildings around the square are good spots for viewing high for what is happening there.

If you visit the Plaza Mayor today you can enjoy a summer meal there. Restaurants surround the square, offering the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes. The location is surrounded by dozens of restaurants and bars and cafes. When done with your meal, enjoy a nap, and then head off to visit a lot of shops lining the streets selling coins, antiques, and many other goods.

Tourists should take care to avoid any type of crime can be found here. Plaza Mayor is a safe place, but a place that attracts a large crowd so you need to stay protected and alert. You can always find there are so many things to enjoy here while on your HOLIDAYS IN SPAIN including people. Enjoy life as they do and visit the Plaza Mayor for all that it can offer you when you travel via Madrid in Spain.

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