For something different and exciting that will leave you breathless, book your HOLIDAY TO SPAIN in Madrid. This cosmopolitan city represents the heart of everything that is Spanish. This vibrant city is full of beautiful people, a fantastic place to shop and a plethora of history beyond description all of which is just waiting for you to come and enjoy. Madrid is the capital of the Kingdom of Spain and is home to the national government an important tourist destination and a manufacturing sector that is known around the world. Besides all this, the city is alive with a choice of nightlife to suite people of all ages. Madrid is a melting pot for culture and cuisine that has evolved over the centuries. Donations from different civilizations that have ruled this country from time immemorial are evident in all that you see, taste, feel and experience.

The city of Madrid as we know it today started its rise to magnificence during the long and important existence under the rule of the Arabs. To protect the emerging city, the Moors built a defensive fortress along the river Manzanares. Madrid was of strategic importance and, as a result, it was fought over for century after century especially by the Christian Kings and the Islamic Moors with the Christians finally gaining control during the eleventh century. During this period of unrest, the fortress was continually updated to increase its defensive capabilities and, at the same time, they improved the city's infrastructure giving it the layout we see and love to this day.

The modern Madrid of today incorporates new architectural designs, long boulevards, parks and open spaces that allowed the countryside into the city. All this new modernist architecture mixes well with all the historical buildings and monuments that date from the Baroque period. You can't help but notice the historical monuments, sculptures and statues from this epoch. If you would like to be surrounded by ancient architecture then venture over to either the Plaza Mayor or the magnificence Palacio Real, these squares are lined with ancient buildings that appear to be magnets drawing people to them in the droves.

If you have been to Madrid before and fancy something different but the same plan a trip to the capital of Catalonia: Barcelona. This is a great destination for a long or short break as this vibrant city has something for everyone. Barcelona has one big advantage over Madrid and that is its location on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. There is also the world famous indescribable La Rambla Boulevard along with a nightlife that has to be experienced to be believed.

If you have never been to either of these sophisticated cities, you will have a hard time deciding on where to book your HOLIDAY TO SPAIN. They are both unique within themselves and offer activities and sights that are comparable for the tourist. With top class restaurants and a nightlife where you can dance the night away there is little to choose between. Why not start off in Madrid during the off season for your winter break and during the peak season venture down to Barcelona where you can enjoy all that goes along with a beach holiday? With the low cost airlines, all things are possible just do a little investigation and plan before you come to optimize your stay in this magnificent country.

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