For a person who is in search for different treatment options they will soon discover there are different kind of recovery centers available.

While at the same time no one type of treatment is considered better than the other, some individuals may find one more effective than other due to their own needs. One type of treatment is Luxury Rehab California . Luxury Rehab is beneficial for many reasons. One reason is that luxury rehab is meant to believe that treatment can be both comfortable and effective. The first few days of detox is often the most difficult part of recovery, seeking treatment in a luxury rehab while detox can bring comfort to your journey to recovery by providing inspiring surroundings and attentive staff making all the difference when conquering your addiction.

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John T. Kahal is the founder and CEO of Capo By the Sea, a luxury addiction and dual diagnosis treatment program located in South Orange County, California. After his own successful experience with the recovery process and journey, Kahal decided to create a unique program that was individualized for each client’s specific treatment needs.