Fast food industry in our country has evolved much since Mcdonalds, KFC, Pizzahut and various other giants. It is expected to grow a hilarious 8 times by 2020 relatively from the year 2011. Such a big leap has been possible due to various factors like population, rapidly changing lifestyles of people etc. It is the result of these key factors that food players are expanding very aggressively not leaving any stone unturned for exploiting beneficial business opportunities coming their way. Soon enough, India is going to be a huge stop for the giant fast food players from all over the world including our domestic ones regarding the business opportunities it is going to generate.

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There are many indigenous brands which offers great business opportunities like WOW VADAPAV, CHAAT CHATORE, THE TEA FACTORY, LAZIZ PIZZA, KFC and the laziz list never ends.


Unfortunately, in India to serve the chatpata food to its customers is one thing and to serve hygenic chapata food is totally another. That is the foundation concept upon which wow vadapav thrives. The wow vadapav people are pledged to make it to the no.1 Indian fast food brand. Expected investment for this franchise is Rs.2,00,000-5,00,000 and expected return on investment is 50% along with the spacey space of 200 sq ft.


The creative concept behind chaat chatore is to make chaat a delicious delicacy simultaneously maintaining its original mouth watering taste. The Indian chaats like golgappa, bhelpuri, katori chaat are accepted all over India with great enthusiasm. The expected investment for this brand’s franchise is Rs.5,00,000-10,00,000 and expected payback time is about 8-10 months with a hilarious return on investment of 60%. The required minimum floor area for it is 120 sq ft.


Started in 2011 Laziz pizza is known for its taste and exotic variety of traditional pizza and mouth watering grills. It has a huge target of opening 200 Laziz pizza outlets across India and is working tremendously hard towards it.

The Tea Factory

It will not be wrong if we say that it is one of a kind brand in India which offers very wide variety of Indian as well as imported teas from choclate chai to lemon tea. The tea factory also offers great return on investments of 75% and expected investment for this brand is Rs. 5,00,000-10,00,000.

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