Love at first sight is very real!!! Yes, I have married or lived with many many many women (hundreds even) that I fell in love with the very first second our eyes met.

I remember one time I was exploring the bottom of the Grand Canyon one summer. There is so much beauty there just looking around at all those rocks and dirt. There I was enjoying the day when all of a sudden there she was!! OMG! I literally froze in my tracks (even though it was 125 degrees). She was unlike any woman I had ever seen. What a Goddess of love she was! She of course was equally (if not more) stunned by my stupendously magnificent hunky manliness. I was feeling something so strong that even I, having bedded thousands of ladies before her on many mountain tops and other canyons throughout the land (including 6 wonders of the world) was held captive by the glory of God's greatest creation...HER!!

Here I was, a man who inspires envy, awe, and even worship by all women was now the one completely overwhelmed by this lovely demi-Goddess....

After the initial shock of falling in love at first sight I came to my senses when the silence abruptly ended by her offering one of her refreshingly chilled bottled spring waters she was carrying in her ice chest. She slowly diverted her loving and lustful gaze towards the cooler as if playfully teasing my masculine hormones. We both just stared at those icy cold bottles of unrefined, unenhanced, natural bottled waters!

As I drank the icy water I just stood there in amazement. My mind was gone. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen! How did she know I wanted a refreshingly chilled bottle of spring water? It must be LOVE!! My body had become like a huge boulder...I could not move...... I don't remember even breathing at that moment because love at first sight can be so exciting that I did not need air(as long as there was sun and LOVE to live on).

What she told me next will make you wonder no more about God's purpose. She could not stop staring at my obviously superior face but she managed to tell me she was a wealthy and rich woman looking for a partner to share her life with. I told her I was a poor uneducated foster child with little or no hope for a future. Was this more than just two ships passing in the night ignited by lust and greed? Was this a union of kindred spirits perhaps?

She reached out and took my hand and I followed her in silence. She invited me to her air-conditioned chalet which she built as a spiritual retreat at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and I ended up moving in with her that very night! I never left her side and we lived together all summer in that chalet. She was so perfect... Neither of us shaved or bathed for weeks at a time and we lived off the land fueled by just sunlight and sex!!. With my looks and her money we were unstoppable.

Sadly..... our once vibrant love was over as quickly as it began as she was arrested that August for killing her former husband and taking all his money...but I still love her anyway...but of course I knew God was giving me a warning... BUT it was truly love at first SIGHT!!