According to the theory of reincarnation, your past life actions have much to do with the state of your love life today.

You know the saying: what goes around, comes around. Our findings show your actions now are likely to come back to you in one of your future lives instead of in this life.

However, just because your love life isn’t great now, doesn’t mean you were a terrible person in past lives. Past life circumstances, many of which are merely the collateral damage of dealing with life events the best you can, set the scene for today’s challenges. Also, a perfect love life wouldn’t allow you to learn your life lessons.

Below we include seven examples of how past lives can affect one’s current love life.

1. A thirteenth century AD monk devoted his life to religious doctrine, and one of the key tenets he embraced was celibacy. He was entirely devoted to his religion and also lived several future lives under similar circumstances as a monk, priest, or related role.

In his current life, his soul chose to focus on matters other than religion and spirituality, including romantic love and partnerships. Unfortunately, he struggles with his love life because over the past several centuries he became very accustomed to living as an ascetic, shunning sex and romantic love. He has an ingrained subconscious belief that sex is bad, something to be avoided, so he’s constantly pushing away opportunities and is subsequently frustrated and confused.

2. In the late 1700s, she lived a life as a very beautiful handmaiden who served the royal court. She was a devoted servant and hard worker, but she also carried on multiple affairs with the royal gentlemen of the court. She didn’t initiate any of the affairs, but she didn’t fight off the advances either. Unfortunately, the ladies of the court discovered their husbands’ involvement with her and she was banished. She carried that guilt to her grave.

Today, she can’t figure out why almost every man she’s involved with cheats on her. The fallout is always a spectacular train crash, destroying her friendships too, as her romantic partners tend to cheat with her close friends.

3. He wasn’t the kindest man in his past life as a Roman politician. Only the finest would do for him, including his insistence that the ladies with whom he socialized and his marriage partner be high-born. He shunned many fine women who simply didn’t happen to hold the level of status he thought necessary.

Today, he’s working his way up the corporate ladder and although he’s extremely successful, he never forgets his humble beginnings. Virtually every woman he meets and dates happens to be well-to-do. But he can’t figure out why they all dump him just when he’s thinking it could turn into something serious.

4. His past life as a fierce warrior included many triumphs, though toward the end of his mercenary career he had a split-second decision to make in the heat of battle and inadvertently massacred his fellow warrior’s (one of his best buddies) wife. The event devastated him and he died with an enormous amount of guilt, even though he did the best he could under the circumstances.

Today, in this life, his wife died when she was hit by a drunk driver.

5. She wasn’t a bad person in her series of lifetimes of being moderately to very wealthy. However, her excessive pride and arrogance, particularly about her children, set her up for a big fall in this life--she is infertile.

6.Though he worked hard, he lost his wife and seven of their eight kids due to famine during his 7th century AD lifetime.

Today, he’s a workaholic and his love relationships usually end, to his disappointment, because he has a major aversion to the idea of being married and having a family.

7. She’s had many lifetimes where it was customary to have many lovers.

Now that she’s in a society where life-long monogamy is expected, she struggles. To her, it just does not feel natural to have only one lover throughout her entire life.

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