In our radically changing world we always have the choice to either feel as though we are a helpless victim or an empowered victor. Life can challenge us in so many ways that making a positive decision when we are faced with hardship or sorrow can be impossible at times if we choose to believe so.

We are bombarded with so much negativity in the media these days that a viscous cycle often occurs providing us little hope of changing our circumstances or finding motivation to make our lives better.

If you are familiar with The Universal Laws, specifically The Law of Attraction, you know that energy flows where thoughts go. What you think of, you co-create with the Universal Life Force. Your thoughts of fear or scarcity only create more fear and scarcity for example.

I empathize with anyone who may feel stuck at this moment in their life. If you are reading this and feel trapped or overwhelmed, broken or down trodden, I want you to know that you are not alone. No matter what has happened in your life, things can change and will change if you are willing to believe that they can.

When we deliberately change our environment or the people we associate with, sometimes this can be enough to help us break free from our limiting beliefs. You must be willing to allow change into your life in order for change to take place.

There is a documentary project that is in the works called Kindness the Movie. Eva Ilona Brzesk is the producer. The premise behind the movie is to create more kindness in the world. This is a revolutionary idea that will have an amazing positive shift upon the collective consciousness, benefiting our planet.

My Peace TV is yet another contributor to this shift. They are currently promoting a campaign to raise awareness of the need for more uplifting positive news to be shared on Facebook and beyond.

Knowing that people are collaborating to make our world a better place to live brings faith and hope to others, hopefully to those who need it most. Love and kindness is the essence of what we truly are as humans. When we have the opportunity to experience and express this, miracles will occur.

If creating a positive change, sharing more love and kindness within our global community is something you believe in then I would like to welcome you to join in and share the news!

You may learn more about these projects at my blog. I look forward to sharing in this journey together!

Author's Bio: 

Lynn Clarke is grateful to serve the global community creating a peaceful, abundant sustainable future for all. She is a certified educator, EFT & Reiki Practitioner, Home Based Business Consultant, Mother & Entrepreneur. Lynn's passions are creating a better quality of life for our children and the planet itself.