Prayers are heard when you seek blessing with devotion and flowers play an integral part in Hindu ritual and pooja.
Whether it is a religious ceremony or prayers, Aarti, flowers complete the prayers. Hindus offer flowers to Gods & Goddesses in daily prayers as well as on auspicious days.
Well, you can offer any flower to God, but there are always some favorite flowers that each God may like. It is believed that offering the favorite flowers to God brings in good luck.
There are two different forms in which Lord Shiva is worshipped and is Shivalinga. The worship of the Linga is considered as a sacred form of Hindu prayers. Shivalinga represents cosmic energy and creation.
When you worship Shivalinga it symbolizes the portray unification of Lord Shiva & Shakti Parvati that creates the universe. Thus Shivlinga is worshipped with devotion.

You may be offering different flowers like Marigold, Lily, etc to God every day, but when it comes to praying Lord Shiva there are some of his favorite flowers. Here are the divine flowers that are the favorite flowers of Lord Shiva.
Red Rose Flowers
When you worship Lord Shiva with Red Rose flowers, it is believed that it is similar to performing yagnya to 10 horses. If you offer 8 flowers while worshipping Lord Shiva you receive Kailash Prapti.
Jasmine flowers
When you offer jasmine flowers Lord Shiva and seek blessings to fulfill all your wishes, your wishes are fulfilled by the Lord. It is said that offer Mogra or jasmine flowers also fulfills the wish of those who wish to have a child.
These flowers are white colored small-sized flowers with a lot of petals. This is one of the favorite flowers of Lord Shiva and those who offer this flower to the Lord get devoted and beautiful wife.
Lotus Flowers
Lotus flower is also among the divine flowers offered to Lord Shiva if you wish to have wealth or Lakshmi. The flowers are available in blue, pink and white color. Blue Lotus should be offered to Lord Shiva and also to any other God.
Bela Patra
These are not flowers but are leaves with or 3 leaflets that belong to the Bilva tree. These leaves are considered the most sacred leaves offered to Lord Shiva and Shiva adores these leaves.
It is believed that prayers offered to Lord Shiva without Bilva leaves are incomplete and fruitless.
As per ancient religious records, it is said that Lord Brahma was the creator of the Bilva tree. The tree is believed to have originated from Goddess Lakshmis’ right hand.

Flax Flower
Flax Flower which is known as ‘Alsi flower’ when offered to Lord Shiva also receives the love from Lord Vishnu.
Vitex negundo
Vitex negundo or Nirgundi, when offered to Lord Shiva helps give you peace of mind eradication all negative thoughts. This helps you understand the teachings of Lord Shiva to live a better life. The purification of the mind is essential to store in positive thoughts.
Juhi Flowers
Juhi flowers are sacred flowers and also used in temple garland, and when offered to Lord Shiva your house will never face the shortage of food grains.
Datura Flowers
One of the divine flowers which are the Lord Shiva’s favorite flower is offered when Shiva Puja is performed. Its offering helps you eliminate hatred, envy, ego, rivalry and all sorts of wrong things from your mind. As the poison was drunk by Lord Shiva when the ocean was churned by demons and Gods, similarly offering Datura flowers to Lord Shiva helps you get rid of poison from your mind.

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