The world has been shrinking to become a global village, and diverse groups are working in organizations, it’s important to note that how necessary is the role of sensitivity training for the managers. These training procedures are designed to make the managers aware of their roles and dynamics in large groups. In diverse groups where people are sensitive towards gender roles and ethnicity of different people and often create biased opinions about others, these sensitive areas are then addressed by training sessions to maintain high productivity and ensure a safe and secure working environment.

Importance of sensitivity training

With the inclusion of people from diverse backgrounds and making the workplace more and more varied each day the managers can recognize the issue of sensitivity at their workplace and handle these kinds of situations with the utmost ease. When the managers are trained to overcome any such case, the workplace becomes a better place to display your skills and expertise, and if something sensitive takes place, you can always inform your managers about it.
Sensitivity training comes effective when the employees at the workplace understand the true essence of mutual respect and keep themselves away from any illegal activity in the group. The mangers are there to ensure the roles defined for each individual are religiously practiced, and no one crosses the boundaries set by the law and ethics.
The essence of these training programs is to make sure that all the individuals pay mutual respect to each other and if the group has been facing specific sensitive issues, then the focus should remain on resolving that issue. The main objective is to make people aware of the situation of others and make them realize how their constructive behavior can improve the overall situation.

The experts of these training programs rely heavily on the feedback collected from the employees of different groups as they shed light on how effective have the training proven to be. And if there are some behavioral changes in the employees to what extent the trainers can create an impact. And if not, then these trainers try to break the resistance in the behavior of the employees by exhibiting new activities and challenges in the training programs.

The idea behind the introduction of sensitivity training programs is to make people aware of their behavior and the impact of their little annoying habits that disrupts the whole working atmosphere. People usually call jokes and comment about each other at the workplace; this might be a casual joke on your part; it might have ruined the day for someone else. Therefore, through sensitivity training programs we aim to make people aware that others are humans too that possess sensitive emotions and it’s not ok to comment about anybody’s religious beliefs, gender, race, skin color or personal likes or dislikes. This creates agitation in the workplace and could be filled with a legal suit in case of harassment at the workplace.
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