In 2021, NFT sales managed to collect billions of dollars as the speculative crypto-asset became increasingly popular. Auction houses have jumped on board, offering NFTs portraying simple cartoons for millions of dollars, reaching a new milestone in modern art.

The Let's Go Brandon (LGB) Collection was completed with 10,000 lighthouses that signified riches, freedom, and "'merica," as the project's founders defined it. In the middle of the night, a group of anonymous "renegades" built the entire collection. The community-driven nature of the project, like Bitcoin's, needs support from its users to thrive.

Members of the popular new NFT project will be able to get whitelisted by joining the project's Discord channel.

Introducing the First-Ever LGB NFT Collection

Let's Go Brandon: Pixel Edition is the first collection in the "Let's Go Brandon" series to feature entirely original artwork. This is a significant moment in the series' history and a huge step forward for the franchise.

According to the team, this is the definitive resource on the subject because it is the most comprehensive collection of its sort ever assembled in one location.

According to the existing plan, the names of all Brandon's will be published at some time in the near future. Around five days following the public sale of the preceding Brandon, the date of the new model's debut will be announced.

First-come, first-served is the only way to get your hands on a Brandon's, so if you want to avoid disappointment, you'll need to be selective and quick in your purchasing selections.

Regular Income

Profits may be generated passively, which is an appealing feature of the blockchain sector. Many risk-averse investors who previously avoided this market since many traders are fully aware of its reputation for high volatility have demonstrated an interest in earning passive income over time.

This apparently insoluble challenge was solved in no time once Blockchain realized the possibilities of passive income schemes.

Let us present you to Let's Go Brandon as an example of how you may keep up with the latest fashions while still putting a unique twist. There will be a ten percent share of the money earned by each exchange available to Brandon owners who own more than four Brandon.

Brandon shareholders are in for a treat. The more Brandons you have, the better your chances are of winning a fantastic prize.

Major Advantages of Holding

Rare NFTs like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be handed away at special events. Two Bidens may likewise come in handy in the future, which might produce even more usable NFTs. The team also plans to launch events like VIP meetings.

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