Having slow-growing hair can be really frustrating especially if you are looking forward to attending an event with your hair long and beautiful. That is why finding the best ways of how to make your hair grow longer is very popular with people who find their hair growing so slowly.

It becomes so easy to understand why people continue to strive looking for the best techniques to grow hair because there are indeed ways to do so. You will just have to be more patient in finding the ones that will truly work for you. Considering the top three hair crimes listed below might just be what you need to do in order for you to grow your hair longer once and for all:

1. Brushing hair ruthlessly.

If you have a bad habit of brushing your hair so cruelly, then make sure to stop doing so right away. The last thing your hair needs is cruel treatment from you. If you are serious about growing your hair, then you should be bent on finding the best strategies of how to make your hair grow longer as well.

All you need to do is find the most gentle hair brush or comb for your mane. Make sure you buy the hair brush that is boar-bristled and the comb that is wide-toothed. In that way, there will be no tangles and at the same time, your mane will receive the gentle treatment that it needs.

2. Using extreme heat to fix hair.

Get rid of the electric irons, straightening irons, hair dryers and blowers that have kept you company for a long time. You may not know it but they have already caused your mane great damage than you can ever imagine. Now it is time to do away with them if you are serious about making your hair grow longer any minute.

But then again, take note that growing your hair will not happen in just a blink of an eye, or a snap of your fingers. It is not and will never be an overnight thing. The first best thing to do is get rid of the hair crimes you commit to your mane, then follow-up with the tips on how to further stimulate your hair to grow.

3. Eating unhealthy.

Eating too many junk foods, canned goods, processed and frozen foods are actually a crime you should not commit to your locks. If you have developed the habit of eating such unhealthy foods, make it a point to stop at once.

Otherwise, if you continue eating such foods that will not give your body the nutritional value it needs to help your hair become healthy, you can be assured that you will grow brittle, limp and lifeless hair. Therefore, go for more protein-enriched diets so that you will have healthier hair follicles that will produce more growth hormones responsible for growing hair.

By getting rid of these three hair crimes, you will surely be on your way to developing beautiful, longer and healthier mane just in time for the event you are going to attend (that is, if you allotted a long time for preparing your hair to grow). Truly, how to make your hair grow longer is not a very difficult job to pull off after all.

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