My business has taught me a lot about abundance. For instance as we've all heard, even if you don't own your own business you need to outsource the tasks that aren't your strength or are time hogs. This allows you to do what you do best and therefore attract more money.

But sometimes it can be a challenge to pay someone else when the money is not flowing as abundantly as you'd like. Why pay someone else when you can do it yourself for free?

If you continue to always do things to save money you’re discounting the fact that you can deliberately create more money with each abundant choice you make.

If you choose to do things in a way that makes you happy, you’re guaranteed to be more attractive to all the things that you desire.

Let's make this more real with some examples. For many years I wanted a water purifying system on my sink. I finally got one but then sold my house and moved into a rental. Rather than shell out some money to get a new one installed, I decided I'd wait until I bought my next house. I happened to love the house and had no plans of moving anytime soon.

Everyday, I'd fill my Brita pitcher with water from the sink. This process was more of a nuisance than pleasure. I was waiting two or three minutes during each fill-up for the water to filter to the bottom and make room for me to add more water. On top of that, I'd fill the pitcher several times a day. Do you know how much time and irritation I would've saved if I'd just bought the water filtration system when I moved in?

Now, I'm not advocating buying the very best of everything or outsourcing all sorts of tasks when the money you'd spend is going to cause you heart failure. However, with some solid intentions beforehand, you have to make the choice to go with your heart or your wallet. Or you can blend both and end up with more abundance of time, money and joy!

My mom used to watch my boys when they were little, three to four days a week. It was a dream come true because she is one of my dearest friends, she’s wildly in love with the boys, and they got to bond with her.

And it was free!

My mom is retired and loves to travel as much or even more than I do. When she’d leave on long trips it meant I’d have to find childcare. That new expense sparked resistance.

I remember getting paid a dollar an hour when I babysat, so the price increase to $10-15 an hour activated my "lack" button.

At first I scheduled the new caregiver only during the hours and days I had appointments, trying to save some cash. I ended up feeling rushed and ultimately more stressed.

What was my peace of mind worth? Everything. I decided I would hire her for even more hours than my mom spent with the boys. This would allow me to attract more abundance in the long run and keep me happy in the moment.

Now, for those of you thinking, "Yeah, but Jeanna can afford it…." Affording something is a choice. My finances looked very tight on paper at the time. While my income was going up, I also had some massive (at least in my mind ;-)) unexpected expenses and a mate who was taking a hard hit in his construction business.

It's all about perception and the way that you choose to respond to your situation. I continually made the intention that my profits would continue to go up and all expenses would be paid on time without dipping into my savings.

That intention became my reality every time I chose it. Make your intention for more than you need or even want. Aim higher, it’s the same amount of effort, and often less!

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