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The importance of Logos has only gotten better with the passage of time, thanks to evolving technological trends. A Logo’s uniqueness lies in its ability to visually communicate an organisation’s nature and values to the target-audience. To maintain and sustain its uniqueness, it’s important to ensure that the Logo’s utility value remains intact, consistently well-received by the audience.

This is where, its vital that organisations need to keep an eye on the evolving trends of Logo design which all facets of technology and trends undergoes changes from time to time. The challenge for organisations lies in ensuring that their Logo design continues to be a stand-out in the crowd, eliciting positive response, and generating fruitful business with revenues that matters.

To create such Logo designs, organisations need to invest money in a source that not only stays in-tune with evolving Logo design trends, but also adapts to evolving trends, creating exciting Logo designs. Graphixtron with its Graphic Designing Company in Hyderabad, combines innovative artwork with stellar logo-designing capabilities creates Logo designs that are inspired by prevalent logo-design trends, pushing the boundaries of excellence to new frontiers with amazing styles and design-defying experimentations.

As is the case with the years gone by, 2019 will also see dramatic shifts in Logo design trends, with experimentation of elements across typography colour, shape, context and the eventual presentation.


2019 will see brands embracing newer bold Logo design trends with more vivid colours, bold fonts and futuristic design patterns.

SUSTAINABLE DESIGNS: 2019 will see a greater shift to designs that are sustainable over a good period of time, a design that retains its appeal despite the onslaught of market fluctuations. With market competition getting stiffer, companies will need to look for a Logo design that is more minimalistic with a monochromatic pattern uplifted by brighter colours. The whole approach will be to ensure that the Logo design stays classic and elegant, evergreen in its appeal.

BOLDER FONTS: Fonts will get bolder to project a company’s strength, innovation and individuality. Such fonts will also make reading on a mobile device easier, pleasant and above all, appealing to the eye, thus uplifting the Logo’s overall power.

VIBRANT COLOURS: Flat and insipid colours will make way for more vibrant colours, elevating the look of the Logo design, taking viewers by surprise. Overall there will be more of vivid colour gradients rather than the out-of-favour solid monochrome colours.

SYMMETRICAL LETTERS: Simple, sleek letters will give way to the more appealing symmetrical letters with better patterns and iterations so as to eliminate the chances of replication. This in turn will spark the audience’s interest and create the right impression. Further, a shift to symmetrical lettering will bring more affinity to the Logo design, thus lifting your brand’s appeal.

MORE ANIMATED: The need to stand out among the crowd will fuel companies to shift to Logo designs that incorporate experimental movement and animated appearance. Moving images will become more desirable than the routine stale flat design with static imagery. Designers will experiment with motion design elements to generate Logo types that will make a difference to the overall Logo design appearance.

The focus will be more to put in place a Logo design that is more authentic and original, projecting the brand as it is and what it stands for, with a different perspective from hundred other brands. In short, the trend will shift to having a Logo design that is more customised making the brand feel more like themselves and ensure deeper engagements with the target-audience.

To make your product or service fly off the shelves, you need to be more alert and attuned to people’s expectations. This is where you can experiment by giving your business a new look starting with a new Logo design that instantly vibes with their present aspirations. This is where, Graphixtron, a leading Graphic Designing Company in Hyderabad, can cater to your specific needs with a LOGO DESIGN that chimes with prevalent market trends. Graphixtron’s in-house design team can deliver a Logo design that incorporates the latest of market trends, with bolder colours, typeface, context, shape and above all, a look that is relevant to the times and truly reflects the nature and position of your company.

Graphixtron with its versatile Graphic Designing Company in Hyderabad, will make your Logo design more desirable personalising your business’s relationship with the target-audience, in flexible and creative ways.


2019 and beyond will continue to see brighter and colourful Logo designs that will in reality empower the brands, allowing them to freely express themselves the way they are. Overall, the Logo designs will become more exciting in shapes and forms that are unique with creative illustrations aided by a special artistic feel that will instantly chime with the viewer’s preferences.

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