So we all are Souls having a human experience. Here on earth. We came to earth to live a life as a human. To take on human traits and learn how to live the good life. All from the human perspective.

Yet, most of us go through our life and never REALLY wake up to the fact that we are a spirit having a human experience. Our human nature is this thing we have taken on, for the span of our life. Be it just a few years, or over 80 years.

We wake up each day, and have a whole slew of options available to us. We ALL have the exact same potential. The universe does not play favorites. Ever. Yet as we watch the lives of those around us, we see striking differences in how we are living our lives.

How can this be? Why would we seemingly choose a life of lack or struggle? Why would we, year after year, find our self in pretty much the same boat? If indeed we have the same potential, each one of us, why are our lives so different?

The difference lies in the very nature of this human experience. We tend to have this momentum to our life. We tend to consistently choose the same types of choices and get the same types of responses from life.

This momentum to life can be seen in many places within society. Perhaps a blue collar worker wins the lotto. And is suddenly cast into a much higher realm of prosperity. Yet, 9 times out of 10, that very same person will have returned to their previous status within 10 years or so. Why do we tend to default to this baseline experience we all have created for ourselves.

It is because most of our demeanor is subconscious. It is operating be;ow our radar. 80 to 90 percent of what we think and thus choose, is happening at a subconscious level. That is what has created such a consistent result in our life. That is why we tend to have the same types of experiences over and over again.

So what can we do about it? How can we shift our life experience into a better life experience? By bringing our subconscious momentum into alignment with what we really want. When we have resolved our subconscious programming, and brought it into alignment with our conscious desires, then we will have a consistent result that is compatible with our desires.

By clearing out our subconscious closet, we are actually opening up the possibilities we have for our future. New possibilities that can take hold. That put us in a new life experience that last for the rest of our life. It's not just some fleeting experience. But just like we have been having a pretty consistent life experience up to now, we can have a completely different life experience that is just what we have been wanting. And it can be here to stay.

What I do is show you how to bring all of you, both conscious and subconscious, into alignment with your best life. your dreams. The life you were meant to live. It can be done. When you REALLY want it, it can be yours. That's what you Soul came here to learn. How to live the best life possible as a human being.

IF you value your dreams, and long for the deep fulfillment that life can offer you. Living a life that was previously just a dream, then take the steps to make it happen for you in this life, right now. I can help you make it happen. That is what I do best. That is where I get my fulfillment, helping others shine.

Author's Bio: 

I am a spiritual coach and counselor. I provide spiritual counseling for individuals, single fathers and families. I help you work through your blocks that keep you from living a healthy, rewarding life. My goal is to get you into your power, with grace, so you can create the life you want to live. To get your dreams front and center in your life. And to release all aspects of the past that do not serve you.