Living your truth can be a scary proposition. It brings up questions of security and love, if I speak and live my truth will I be abandoned by those I love? Is that a chance I want to take? It brings back memories of childhood, where we got what we wanted by pleasing other people. Then it became a vicious cycle of hiding who we were and sacrificing our needs for others, so that we could gain their love, and acceptance.

We are conditioned to believe that if we speak up for what we need/want, especially women, we will rock the boat, cause friction, and/or lose the love of someone close to us. We worry that we will be misunderstood and we worry how others will be able to handle our authenicity. But rather than worrying about those around us and how they handle our truth, embracing our authenticity can be very rewarding and empowering, because ultimately it's our life to live, not theirs. The only job that the people around us have is to honor their truth. Then this leads to the question we should ask ourselves: "How much do I love myself? Do I love myself enough to honor the truth of who I am, what I want in life, what I want in a partner, etc? " If we are living authentically the universe can only support us. It's when we live unauthentically that we run into all sorts of relationship problems.

I have to admit when I come to a crossroads of whether to attempt to get my needs met which means openly communicating those needs and risking what I do have, or going with the flow of how a relationship is progressing (or not progressing) when it's obviously not serving my best interest, then I battle with myself. Thoughts of "you will lose this thing you have together", which isn't what I totally want, but it's something better than nothing" come across my mind. It's only when I come to the realization that the universe is accommodating and will give me what I want and need, but first I have to make the decision to not settle. It's when we reclaim our higher self, be authentic and live our truth that life will unfold with little drama and by effortless means. If only we could have faith in this process we would be in alignment with the universal truths and we would connect soul to soul with others who are living authentically and life would be much more fulfilling and magical.

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Maryann Candito, Certified Law of Attraction Coach & EFT Practitioner inspires women to get rid of the baggage and get busy creating an amazing life!

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