Nowadays more and more people are unhappy with their lives and lifestyles, and depression related disorders are getting their mental health. 

With all the busy days, short term deadlines, stress and jobs that we may or may not really like, we forget to live our lives to the fullest, take advantage of the moment, we forget about ourselves and the care we should give to our bodies and souls. We tend to think that money is everything and that they bring us happiness, but that is not even such an unsolvable issue. We ignore our needs and wishes that are on the upper part of the pyramid of Maslow and many people don’t know, but happiness actually plays a big and important part in keeping our bodies free of illnesses. Many psychological studies show that the little things that we don’t say, frustration, anxiety, anger and other powerful undesirable emotions tend to get to our somatic system and that is when our brain and organs scream for help for the mind in the form of pain, anxiety and depression

We may not realise, but everything goes in circles. We worry too much, we fight too much, we hold grudge, we let stress get to our minds and that’s where our incapability to do what we like starts. But we have to start somewhere, so positive thinking (even though it’s not easy at all) and little gifts we give to ourselves one way or another will help us get through the day and life.

It’s all about learning to learn, getting help, and educating yourself to get rid of and refuse everything that is toxic for you. After all, you are the most important person in your life and you matter first to yourself and then to others. Nobody is going to make a change on your behalf, if you don’t do It yourself. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”. Words of wisdom, don’t you think?

The understanding of a dream life may differ from individual to individual, but we all aim to be happy, so here are some solutions on how to get there little by little.

Your mind

Resetting your mind may be a hard job and you’d think it’s even impossible, but baby steps are the key to everything. The first thing you should consider and find out is what positive thinking means and how it helps you in your everyday life. NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) specialists strongly suggest to start avoiding using negations and replacing them with synonyms that have the same meaning, but without the word “no”. Having a rich vocabulary will help and that can only be done by reading a lot (so you should have a willingness to read anything that comes in handy and matches your interests). It’s not even mandatory to own actual books, although it helps. Everybody uses technology for everything these days, so you can use your devices to devour books and articles that fit your needs and passions. 

Relaxing once in a while is essential for recharging your batteries even if you find it hard sometimes. Everyday we have a great volume of thoughts (between 60000 and 80000 per day, to be more specific) and this can be overwhelming. Studies show that most of them are the exact same as the ones we had during the previous day, but even so it’s a lot to handle for a 3 pounds brain. To help it get rid of the excess information and unpleasant thoughts, you should try mindfulness which is the most effective method in emptying your mind and living in the moment. It also calms you down and improves your empathy and compassion levels.

If you feel like you can’t handle it anymore or you feel depressed, you should consider going to a therapist, because mental health is very important for a good quality life. When fighting conditions like anxiety and depression professional support is essential because an expert can understand the factors that caused the condition and identify ways to help you deal with them. Specialists can help you set everything in order. 

Your body

Studies show that people stopped carrying about their health that much and the amount of time between 2 routine check ups increased dramatically during the past years. The irony is that more and more illnesses and diseases are discovered every year, and the existing ones develop stronger roots that are harder to combat so the health industry has to keep up with the alert rhythm of everything. 

What many people choose to ignore is that everything matters in terms of staying healthy, starting from the way we sit, eat and what we expose to during the day, even pollution counts as a big influence on our wellbeing. 

Being healthy is the most important thing if you want to accomplish everything you set your mind on. 

Another tip for your everyday life is to exercise, move, and do sports. Even if you have a busy schedule, you can always find a bit of time to go to a gym or you can exercise at home. A yoga mat and some improvised weights can do the trick or if you’re a morning person, you can go for a jog before you go to work. It’s been proven that it can successfully replace the usual cup of coffee and it can also help you quit smoking because of the amount of serotonin and dopamine your brain secretes during this activity.

Your soul

This goes at the next level of being attentive to self. Taking care of your soul means you should allow yourself to enjoy the little things, to have small guilty pleasures and to sink in whatever relaxes you. Going to a spa from time to time, letting yourself experience different emotions and accepting them, having moments of catharsis when you need it and, most importantly, learning how to say “no” when you don’t feel comfortable in a specific situation.

Heal your body, mind and soul and allow yourself to be happy. 

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Madison