Living Real...

Nothing in the Universe is real until we receive it. Everything, and I mean every thing, remains a theory, an idea, information, a concept until it becomes our very own experience.

Receiving is quite the amazing experience... it is the beginning of the life you most want to live. It is the actualizing of what you wish to be and all you already are. All action begins with the act of receiving. Receiving must be the first step we take. Until and unless we receive of ourselves, we will never know the reality of receiving anything outside of ourselves.

How wondrous, the beauty of this world. How marvelous the sights and sounds, the scents. How divine the ability to enjoy, to appreciate. And yet, how great is the simple breath that in it's magnificence, allows, provides, makes possible the human experience! To see, hear, taste, touch, feel... all exist within the receiving of the breath. All exist because breath is coming into you. All is contained and comes from the breath. This breath coming into you right now is your doorway to being alive.

Valuing something creates our appreciation for that thing or experience. When we have appreciation for this breath, it is because we recognize what it is providing to us on a continual basis. We recognize that here is constancy, simplicity and fulfillment. Here is what never changes. Here is what I feel. Here is what makes me feel good. Here is where my heart is. My breath I can depend upon. We receive in direct proportion to how much we value our own being. The more we love ourselves exactly as we are, the more we open to receive. Loving ourselves reveals to us that we have a great capacity to receive. We are in fact programmed to receive. If it were not so, our hearts would never yearn to be fulfilled.

Let us receive with deepest appreciation, this gift of life, this breath and all it contains there-in. Let us come into our fullest expression of gratitude for what we have been given. What we focus on with thankfulness is what multiplies in our lives.

As with the hand that gives and the hand that receives, there is no distinction as to what action is being performed in that moment... rather a merging of hearts has occurred and the giving and receiving become the same; the giver and the receiver become one. This occurs when one loves himself enough to allow himself to receive. Life then becomes endless opportunity to give.

Given with so much love,

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I am Bobbye Farino, counselor, mentor, Reverend, intuitive, tarot master, forgiveness coach. I am also a simple human being in love with living! I have been involved with healing, and teaching all things metaphysical/spiritual for forty years. I have a wonderful healing gift. I help people exorcise their false perceptions about themselves and their lives and open up to the wonder and miracle of the lives they are living! Results? Joy, compassion, clarity, focus, understanding, peace.. healing. I have many tools to use, the most powerful being my heart and my intuition. I believe my greatest gift is my ability to love. My purpose and my path is to ENJOY every moment, every breath I am here to receive, and to help others to do the same. My accomplishments are not about what I have studied or learned educationally, but rather about my ability to be fulfilled and to help all those who seek my help. My business is called Designed For Joy.. because we are! The most valuable time we have is this moment called Now. Have you felt your heart today? You can feel it NOW! Contact me for info. about my services at: