This week I’ve been drinking champagne, eating far too much cake, and planning intimate celebrations in subdued locations like New York City. Oh, and in between I’ve been creating some new work. Why? Because I’m a Leo, living in a Leo’s world, surrounded by several friends (and fellow ‘lions’) who have their birthdays between July 24 and Aug. 22, and who are operating under the (Leo) influence.

From an astrological perspective, Leo (symbolized by the lion) is ruled by the Sun, the centre of our solar system, and is the sign of play, creativity, self-expression, romance, leadership and being centre stage. “Leo energy” is all about stepping into the spotlight, says my friend and intuitive astrologer Lisa Zimmerman, and the highest expression of Leo is to be the Light for those who can’t find their own — and to empower others. Great… just a small task, no pressure.

Well, as a Leo who continues to uncover her own light, I’d like to share a few ways that might help you “embrace your inner lion-ness” (i.e., greatness) no matter when you were born.

1) Know that you have what it takes.

Lions did not become the kings (and queens) of the jungle by listening to others or following them around the savannah. You are the authority of YOU. Follow your own wisdom, discover your own answers, and see the challenge and opportunity in everything.

2) Know that you are valuable, and that your path is as important as anyone else’s.

Whether you are raising children (little human cubs), building an empire, or healing others … it’s all part of a powerful kingdom.

3) Love, honour and accept who and where you are right now.

Respect and acknowledge all the things that you’ve already created, learned and accomplished. As I recently read: “The greater the outer changes you want to make, the greater the inner changes that must be made first.” (from Creating Money by Sanaya Roman)

4) Honour and value your creativity and ideas.

Again, Leos are all about self-expression and creativity, but even non-Leos and non “artists” can be creative. My brother is a commercial real estate developer who transforms some ghetto-ugly, non-productive buildings into beautiful, thriving spaces. He loves the “art of the deal,” and says “buildings are my canvas.”

5) Commit.

Leos are notoriously loyal. Approach your work, life and relationships knowing that success requires bonding, commitment and occasionally surrendering to the great unknown.

6) Lighten up and live it up.

Leos have a high fun quotient. Oscar Wilde had it right when he said: Life is too important to be taken seriously. Life and work can involve, and integrate, deep play. A friend once said to me: “Barb, your life is like an endless vacation.” “Yes,” I replied, “and your point is…?”

7) Believe in yourself.

Lions are bold and decisive. No self-respecting lioness waits for approval or gives her power to others. “Go ahead honey, you slay the zebra and I’ll just hang out here by the watering hole.”

8) Be bold, brave and generous.

These qualities embody the “Essential Leo,” and you don’t have to be born under the sign of the lion to embrace this lion-hearted energy. Leos lead by example, through acts of courage and generosity. They live, and love, in a big way. And the world can always use more of that.

9) Step into the light, in order to share the light.

Leos reputably like to be the centre of attention. I don’t, and prefer to make my moves quietly. That said, one of my friends recently called me her favourite “inspirational rebel.” I believe when we step up and step out into the world boldly, without regret, we empower others to do the same.

What qualities help you embrace life more fully?

Author's Bio: 

I’m a girl from the Canadian prairies who likes wide-open spaces, fresh ideas, a great story, and inspiring environments, buildings and art of all kinds. I have written feature stories about architecture, urban, rural and lakeside living, cool neighbourhoods, and everything from business to pleasure (tourism and travel).

I believe that powerful writing, too, can link the artistic with the practical.

My feature writing has appeared in: Ottawa Citizen, Winnipeg Free Press, The Western Producer, The Cottager, Manitoba Business Magazine, Manitoba’s Northern Experience, Home & City, Manitoba Gardener, Ciao and up! (WestJet’s magazine).

Barbara Edie