According to the CDC, a coronary event occurs in the United States every 25 seconds. This sobering statistic is indicative of the unhealthy state of American hearts, both for men and women. Becoming aware of what you can do to maintain and promote a healthy cardiovascular system is the first step to proactively caring for your heart health.

The biggest risk factors are ones that are in your control, such as diet, lifestyle and exercise. In addition, integrating complementary herbal medicine with other treatments can greatly benefit circulatory and cardiovascular health. For more details on how to keep your heart healthy, download my wellness guide at

Doctors now know that it's not just your cholesterol levels or how much saturated fat you eat that determines your risk for poor heart health. In fact, 75 percent of people who experience a coronary event have normal cholesterol. Instead, heart health is beginning to be viewed from a holistic angle, as we understand how a myriad of different conditions can affect the cardiovascular system. It's not as simple as blaming fat or cholesterol, but rather, analyzing the way in which different health issues can cascade to trigger greater problems.

For example, a study from Harvard Medical School found that people with high levels of C-reactive protein, which indicates inflammation in the body, were at higher risk for heart problems than those with high cholesterol. Two crucial components for a healthy cardiovascular system are good circulation (from unimpeded arteries) and healthy responses to inflammation.

Many different herbs and natural compounds can also help the body's response to inflammation and boost circulation, safely and naturally. Various botanical blends of natural herbs and extracts, such as those containing Iceland moss, costus root, neem fruit, and valerian root, are supported by clinical studies and peer-reviewed research.

Some of the most helpful blends of herbs provide a "cooling" effect that can soothe inflammatory responses and support both cardiovascular and circulatory functions. Research has shown that certain herbal formulas may also support healthy arteries, circulation and cardiovascular function.

Combining specific herbs and nutrients with healthy lifestyle and diet is a safe, natural, and simple way to promote a healthy heart, without costly treatments or unpleasant side effects. Moderate daily exercise and a varied, balanced diet are key tools to maintaining a healthy weight, as are regular doctor appointments to stay aware of your cholesterol levels, blood pressure and overall health. For more information about healing herbs and other treatment modalities, visit

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Dr. Isaac Eliaz is a respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator, and clinical practitioner. He has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine since the early 1980s. Dr. Eliaz is a frequent guest lecturer on integrative medical approaches to health, immune enhancement, and cancer prevention and treatment.