Raising a cat is a matter of increasing the quality of life! If it can be more convenient, increase the fun of raising cats, and reduce the pain of raising cats, why not? Technology helps our life and makes our life simpler and more efficient.

The smart litter basin helps us solve all the problems of shoveling excrement. After I use the smart litter basin, I can't live without it... It's so convenient...

Working principle of smart cat litter box

Working principle: pour the cat litter into the compartment of the intelligent cat litter basin. After the cat is convenient, the cat litter is agglomerated, and the machine rotates to separate the unused cat litter from the agglomerated cat litter through the filter screen. The agglomerated part will fall from the opening into the garbage box below, and the UN agglomerated cat litter will continue to be used in the cat litter basin. It is similar to the cement mixer we saw on the construction site.

Advantages of smart cat litter box

1. Free your hands. After the cat owner goes to the toilet, the litter pan will run automatically when the cat is not there. The excrement shovel officer only needs to take out the garbage. You don't have to suck the smell of cat shit and dig it out.

2. Reduce malodor and deal with it in time after the cat goes to the toilet, so as to avoid the spread of fecal odor.

3. You can rest assured to go out for a few days. When you go out, you don't have to worry about shoveling excrement or going to the toilet after the litter basin is full.

4. Save time and plastic bags. The ordinary litter basin has to shovel every day. The intelligent litter basin can pour the litter bag once a week.

5. There are no more litter pots at home. Multiple owners can buy a smart litter basin. A smart litter basin can fully ensure the daily use of five cats.

The focus of smart cat litter box

1. How intelligent is it? In itself, it is to buy intelligent devices and pursue the convenience and quickness brought by science and technology. The more intelligent, the cooler.

2. How does it sound? Cats usually eat and go to the toilet at night, and they go to the toilet from time to time. The operation of the intelligent litter basin needs to be driven by the motor. The loud rotation will affect our life and rest.

3. Is cat litter universal? Are there any other consumable parts?

4. Safety performance, will it be due to other safety hazards? Although all smart litter pots have increased the emphasis on safety performance, which one is safer?

5. Cleaning difficulty, how to clean? Sometimes we are still very diligent.

1. Catgenie cat litter box

Brand origin: United States

Product weight: 23kg

Solgen: a cat toilet that washes itself

Price: basic payment: 2799 RMB; Premium payment: 3599 RMB (30-day insurance is supported)

Product features: special cat litter, which can be recycled for 120 days; Fully automatic excrement shovel, no need to shovel cat excrement, no need to pour cat excrement, water washing and drying integration; Fully automatic cat sensing system, the cat will automatically clean up after leaving for 10 minutes; It can set a stable sleep mode, standby work all day, and support personalized customization mode.

Service: free door-to-door installation, 2-year warranty, 25 days worry-free return, up to 120 days, no need to replace the cat

Conclusion: an American company specializing in making only intelligent litter pots. Like the human toilet, you can raise a cat without shoveling excrement. It's the kind that doesn't shovel excrement at all.

2. Litter Robot

Brand origin: USA
Product weight: 10.5kg
Solgen: intelligent cleaning to be an elegant cat slave
Price: 8409 yuan

Product features fine workmanship, each place reveals noble quality; Automatic deodorization and sterilization, wide space, suitable for any cat; Do not mix cat litter, can agglomerate can be used; Small night light mode, take full care of old and sick cats; Work quietly and sleep mode;

Summary: it was designed and founded by the former Ford automobile engineer, which has experienced several generations of replacement, and its appearance kills everything second; It can easily clean sand with one key, especially convenient; Feline design gives more consideration to the comfort of cats; Compared with the first catgenie, you need to shovel shit and throw garbage. But the price makes people...

3. Catlink

Brand origin: China
Product weight: 22kg
Solgen: Wisdom unites all things and is born for cats
Price: 1180 yuan for Standard Edition; Deluxe Version 1399 yuan

Product features: the app is controllable and multiple modes can be switched; Monitor the cat's weight, entry, exit, and entry, and form a data report; Multi-cat recognition; Gravity induction, power-off protection, high-level anti-pinch protection; Intelligent message reminder, early knowledge of abnormal conditions; Large garbage box, worry-free for a long-time business trip.

Conclusion: only bentonite cat litter is supported; One for 5 cats; High appearance value and a strong sense of science and technology; High safety warning performance.

4. Petree

Brand origin: China
Product weight: 13.26kg
Price: smart suit 1578 yuan

Product features: automatic induction excrement shovel; Low DB silent operation; Small floor area and large use space; The opening is low, and it is difficult for cats to go to the toilet.

Conclusion: the base is stable and the protection security is relatively good; Although the volume is small, the actual usable space is large; There are custom door curtains, which can personalize DIY


Brand origin: China
Product weight: 30kg
Solgen: intelligent cat litter self-closing
Price: 1099 yuan (classic model) 1499 yuan (exclusive model)

Product features: Aviation cabin design, anti buckle design, beautiful and safe; Large cabin design, super long endurance; Split design, easy to disassemble and wash

Conclusion: there is a proprietary app with high intelligence; It's really easy to clean; Considerate safety performance.


Brand origin: China
Product weight: 4.5kg
Solgen: wisdom, clean, as you wish
Price: 2699 yuan
Product features: suitable for a variety of cat litter, automatic liquid spraying deodorization; Induction protection, real-time data monitoring.

Conclusion: the space is square and relatively stable. It can be suitable for big cats. The price is a little more expensive. If Xiaopei and other intelligent devices are used, the linkage is a good choice!

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