Podcasts have just started to catch the attention of a younger and broader audience since the dawn of social media and the easy availability of internet connection which has practically brought the whole world with live internet access together, binding together with its web-like network. But the general idea of a podcast has always been around the world in one or the other form. Now, with the advancement of technology, these come in an entirely contextual file in an audio format that anyone with an app or an internet connection basically can use. Suppose you are an interested soul in podcast listening. In that case, all you need to do is find a suitable app via which you can listen to podcasts online, choosing from the massive library of podcast playlists there are available and still updating.

Here is a list of places where you can mine for the treasure of podcasts you seek,

• On a website: The simplest and the mainly used method of finding the podcast of your liking is searching on your web browser, chrome, for example, or your safari, edge, etc. now, choosing the way of reaching the platform is your choice, may it be your mobile device or you old faithful laptop / PC. Just type in the podcast, find the player on the page, make sure your device audio is on, and enjoy your show.

• On your Apple products (iPhone): For iPhones, there is already an apple podcast app inbuilt for your device. In case it is not or you wish to have a different app, you can easily find it in your app store and download one of your choices. On opening the podcast app, you have a search bar with a bit of magnifying glass on either end of the bar. Type the podcast name in this bar which you wish to search and tap the icon. This would provide you with all the results of the word you searched for. Once you choose your choices, you would reach the home page and have all the episodes you wish to listen to. If you like what you hear, there is a subscribe button for you to get notifications in the future regarding the updates made on the series for free! The app would then automatically download the rest of the episodes as they roll out, provided an active internet connection.

• Android phones, having an android phone gives you free inbuilt access to your google podcasts app. However, you can always easily download it from the play store for free podcast if you don't. Once downloaded and opened, the rest of the process remains the same as in an iPhone. Though the feature an android user gets is in case you subscribed to the podcast series, it will then appear at the top of your podcast app and let you know about the episodes' new arrivals in the series.

Thus, one can easily listen to podcasts online anywhere, as long as you have an active internet connection.

Podcasts that are unsurpassed

No matter what sort of relaxation you're seeking, there are some podcasts and lectures, which change your entire perspective of the world, help you attain a freer and gentler peace of mind. To help have a better grip of your spirit and soul and have your mind vibrant and radiate with ideas, some podcasts turn your entire way of thinking, help you bring more reformation, and aid you to teach those things which you tried to pass down your stomach with a heavy heart. With a collection of best wellness podcasts, we have brought you a series of episodes that have a flabbergasting effect on your beliefs' cores. Expert motivation and training tips to get back on track of life after experiencing a crushing defeat and helping you get back up, here are a list of them,

• Hurdle: The emotional yet transforming origin story of a well-known fitness guru through an extreme training regime followed by Emily Abbate reduces weight. It would be an understatement to call her journey of evolution from a drastically overweight college student to redirecting her life into running a 'motivation adventure.'

• An arm and a leg: With tight dialogues and quotes of abundance in this one, we have a podcast show nominated for the "Best True Crime” podcast last year. Revolving around the stories about the patients sued by their hospitals or charged monthly for thousands of dollars of medical bills, ‘wellness’ practically runs through the show. No wonder it is often talked about when it comes to the "best wellness podcast."

• Outside Podcasts: Not primarily focused on fitness, this series has one of the most gripping episodes with stories you which would leave you thinking beyond. Perfectly finds a point of intersection of the two genres, mainly 'physical endurance' and 'psychological warfare.

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