Are you just starting your online business? Are you making money? Do you want to know how the really big super affiliates make those six figure profits? They do using their list. One of the most successful online business models includes building a list. Many new entrepreneurs skip this step because it appears to be an extra unnecessary step in the process. But nothing could be further from the truth.

If you sell affiliate products through your business, a good list is almost a necessity. Having a list affords you the opportunity to send subscribers product information or invitations to visit your web site. And of course, the more times an individual is exposed to information, the more likely it is that they will eventually buy something from you.

In fact, statistics show that a prospect will most often buy a product only after being exposed to it seven times. Using a list, you can email your sales pitch for a particular product as many times as you like over time. Without a list, you have one and only one chance to close the sale. If your prospect cannot decide to buy on this first viewing of the product, you have lost that sale forever.

Still not convinced? You’ve seen those sales pitches from super affiliates bragging that they made six figure profits last month on a single product, right? The way they generate these unbelievable sales is through the use of a list. Most times, they are sending out information to lists of 100,000 or more. And many times, they will do joint ventures with associates who also have massive lists. This is the only way to generate those huge profits.

So, if you want to be the next super affiliate and generate six figure profits, start building that list today! Want to learn more about profitable list building? Check out the information below.

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