Being a celebrity is a tough job. There is constant pressure on you to look good at all times. You are put under a microscope, and every little flaw in your body is magnified tenfold. So a curvy body with the right amount of fats in the right places is not enough. You must have beautifully shaped eyebrows, a shapely nose, and the most luscious, full lips.

Having thin lips is considered to be extremely unfashionable. You are deemed unattractive and unkissable. No lipstick and lip balm makers would approach you to endorse their products. And in this day and age, where everyone with a cell phone in their hand is a judge, you cannot get past their eagle eyes. Good lips, as much as everything else, are vital to passing the social media test!

Over the past few years, lip augmentation has become a popular surgery. This quick procedure involves injecting fillers into your lips to make them look plumped up and beautiful. Celebrity endorsements of this procedure have made it accessible to millions of women and young girls worldwide.

Having desirable and beautiful lips is not a dream anymore. You can walk into a cosmetic clinic over your lunch break and walk out with your dream lips!

Lip Fillers- The Need

Lip fillers are an easy way to rewind the clock on facial ageing. You can get a youthful and feminine look with minimum investment and downtime. Lip enhancement surgeries are far more effective than most other cosmetic surgeries on the face. The effects also last longer and are more satisfying. Advancements in medical technology and surgeon expertise have allowed you to get surgically enhanced lips that blend seamlessly with your smile and do not stick out like an angry duck’s pout. The lip-fillers used nowadays not only add volume to your lips but also reduce the fine lines around your mouth.

Lip fillers are not only for celebrities and influencers who want to look good with plump lips but also for women in their 40s and 50s who have lost the voluminous lips from their youth. Lip fillers help such women regain their confidence along with their lost lips.

What is even more beautiful is the fact that men, too, are jumping into the lip filler bandwagon. Beauty is not only a woman’s prerogative; now, men want to look and feel good too. Men have played a large role in the boom in the cosmetic industry.

One of the main reasons lip fillers are so popular is that the procedure is quick. You can get in and out of the clinic in a jiffy. Moreover, this procedure is done under local anaesthesia, so there is no hassle of depending on a friend to drive you home.

What Happens in a Lip Enhancement Procedure?

Once you decide to get lip fillers, you will be explained the procedure and the possible outcomes. On the day of your appointment, you will be given a local anaesthetic to numb the pain. The surgeon will then inject the fillers into the predecided areas of your lips that include the Cupid’s bow (the curve of the upper lip), the vermillion border (edges of the upper lips), and the oral commissures (corners of your mouth). The fillers are injected with a blunt needle that goes no more than 2.5mm into the skin of your lips.

Collagen was the original filler used. With advancements in medical science, hyaluronic acid fillers have replaced collagen. These filters are much more efficient than collagen. They improve the volume, shape, and structure of your lips.

The entire procedure will get completed in about 30 minutes. The swelling from the procedure usually lasts for a couple of days. You will be given ice packs to apply on your lips to reduce this swelling. You can go home immediately after the procedure.

Once you are home with your enhanced lips, you must take a few precautions for a few days.

●You will be advised against using lip-care products like lip balms and lipstick until the swelling subsides.
●Be careful not to hurt your lips while brushing
●Do not perform actions like puckering or pouting
●Keep applying an icepack to reduce the swelling quickly

The Benefits of Lip Fillers

One of the major benefits of lip enhancement procedures is that they are reversible. If you are unhappy with how your lips look after the procedure, your surgeon can inject hyaluronidase. This enzyme dissolves the hyaluronic acid fillers, and your lips return to how they were before.

Apart from this, lip enhancement procedures are extremely safe. They do not have much of a downtime and there is a very low risk of complications and side effects. The procedure is quick and allows you to return to your routine immediately.

Should You Too Jump This Celebrity-Endorsed Bandwagon?

In a world obsessed with beauty and perfectionism, having thin lips can make you feel quite out of place. It may make you an object of ridicule and undesirability. This can take quite a toll on your mental health. Gone are the days when you would have suffered with your thin lips with no solution. Whatever you were born with can now be enhanced by a surgeon. The lip enhancement procedure is one such solution that offers you peace of mind and a boost in your self-esteem. More and more women are opting for this procedure. It is a quick procedure with guaranteed results. It can be completed quickly, and you can return to your normal routine the next day.
So do not have second thoughts. Get a lip enhancement procedure and be selfie-ready with the perfect pout of your beautiful and luscious lips!

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